Episode 49: One Year of Meaningful Minutes

Feb 28, 2022

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I cannot believe it has been one year since I launched my podcast. If you have listened to the very first episode of the Meaningful Minutes Podcast you know that starting a podcast was not even. To celebrate one full year of streaming I want to share the top 5 episodes with you and a little bit more about how the podcast came about. 


Episode 29: The Real Reason You're not Receiving Revelation

I think this episode is in the top 5 because people always want to know when something is wrong.  Which isn’t always a bad thing.  We are drawn to finding out if there is something wrong with us and we want to fix it.  

The interesting part is that the one thing keeping you from receiving revelation is actually not something that is wrong with you. It is something that is inside all of us that blocks revelation from coming. 

If you haven’t listened to it yet, that’s a great one to check out so you can understand the natural occurrence of revelation being blocked. You may also love Episode 28: The Recipe for Receiving Revelation. 
 This episode will give you some great ideas for what you can do to receive more revelation.


Episode 5: How Internal Peace Works Spiritually

Aren’t we all seeking peace? It seems like it’s harder and harder to come by these days with all the chaos that is happening in the world. We all just want a break internally from our emotions and stress that is put on us mentally.

You can definitely go read a self-help book, search google, or even talk to a therapist and learn skills about how to achieve or access peace internally. But what I don’t see talked about a lot is how to achieve that peace, spiritually. 

Usually the answers to do that are to read your scriptures, say your prayers, go to church or attend the temple. Which are definitely peace building activities, but what if that isn’t working for you? What if it isn’t enough due to the circumstances in your life?

This episode is one that will help you see how to achieve that peace spiritually and not with the typical primary answers. If you like that episode you will most likely also like Episode 44: How Your Internal Battles are Blocking Revelation.


Episode 1: Welcome

My very first episode made the top 5! I think it is due to natural intrigue. I know when I hear about a new podcast I scroll to the beginning before I get invested.  I want to know about the origins of the podcast and what the purpose is.

In my welcome episode I talk all about how much I didn’t even want to do a podcast. As I am continuously working on my ability to receive revelation and aligning my will with God, I recognize the wisdom in God’s prompting when I first knew I needed to launch a podcast. 

After a year of doing the podcast I can tell you, without an ounce of doubt, that I know this was divinely inspired. There are countless examples about how the podcast has helped me in my life. Even more so, I have heard from so many other women that the 10 minute format is just what they need in their life. 

I know it was inspired by God

If you are like me and enjoy hearing personal journeys you might also like Episode 45: Rim to Rim, My Spiritual Experience. This is is where I talk about setting a spiritual goal to achieve something physical. Yes, you heard that right. I am pushing myself physically so that I can learn from it, spiritually. 


Episode 27:  5 Benefits of Revelation You Didn’t Expect

This title can be intriguing because you might think, isn’t the benefit of revelation to hear what God wants you to know? To that I say yes, that is one benefit.  However, I say it all the time, women are not utilizing the power of revelation in their lives like they could. I want women to benefit from the power of revelation more. So check that one out if you’re needing more of the power of revelation in your life. 

Along with that one you may enjoy Episode 42: Being a Receiver of the Gospel, not a Doer. In this episode I discuss ways to approach revelation to get more out of the experience. 


 Episode 2: 5 Tips to Calm Anxiety and Hear the Spirit

We all need some skills in calming anxiety, right? In this episode I cover practical skills to help you hear the still small voice. This will also give you a glimpse into what it’s like to work with me. My main goal in coaching is to help the women I work with connect with the Godhead and understand their true divine identity. 

If you loved this episode you will also love Episode 15: Better Mental Health Through Self-Care  I discuss how to preventively care for yourself so that you can be in a better place physically, mentally and spiritually.

I am unbelievably grateful that you take time out of your day each week to tune in. Thank you for your support and for sharing these episodes with your friends and family, If you have a topic you want me to cover email me or send a message on social media. I would love to connect with you and cover the topics you need to hear.


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