Episode 44: How Your Internal Battles Block Revelation

natural man personal revelation Jan 17, 2022

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Being a faithful woman is hard and our biggest battle we will ever face is with ourselves. Today, with all the different directions that you get pulled and all the different opinions on how to do the right thing, it’s hard to keep up. Let alone, know the right direction for you and your family.


If you’re like most women, before they start working with me, then you probably feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and wondering how long you can endure physically, mentally and spiritually. Am I right?

Many women feel they cannot:

  •                  Stay focused to hear Him
  •                  Know God’s direction at all times
  •                  Have strength physically and mentally to do His will
  •                  Overcome that lack of motivation that guilt brings


Truth is, we all have a natural man inside of us. It is supposed to be there. The natural man is the opposition that was placed inside of you at the fall of Adam and Eve. God placed it inside of you. It’s purpose is to allow you to have agency to choose God. Without it, you would not know good and evil.

You are not broken because you feel a pull from the "natural man."

The goal isn’t to try to get rid of the natural man because that won’t happen in this life. It is to get to know how YOUR natural man is working against YOU. Elder Bednar said,

“Understanding the intent of an enemy is vital to effective preparation for possible attacks.”

Well guess who your enemy is? That’s right, the natural man is an enemy to God. Even the scriptures teach us this. In D&C 38:30-31 reads, "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear. that ye might escape the power of the ​​​enemy​.

If you don’t learn how to understand and work with your natural man then you run the risk of being deceived. You may even lose the opportunity to let Christ help you help your loved ones. 

Most women think that in order to receive confidence, inspiration and endurance to deal with their internal battles, they need to come up with a big plan and execute it perfectly.  However, if you try to execute a big plan perfectly while in the natural man state you will just make things worse because you will amplify your overwhelm and guilt and sink your energy.

Trying to be perfectly faithful while in the natural man state is like driving a manual car in first gear and going 60 MPH. YOU ARE BURNING OUT YOUR ENGINE. It’s not the most efficient way to connect with God.

If you’re stuck in this natural man state you might feel like you have to do things perfectly in order to do them at all. Or you might feel exhausted, overwhelmed and inadequate with what you do daily is not enough. You may never feel caught up as though there is always more to be done. You may even be confused on what God’s plan is for you. 

If you relate with any of those you are not alone and it is definitely not your fault. Consider what Elder Rasband said,

"God values the divinity within us, and so must we. When we are heavy laden with mistakes, heartaches, feelings of inadequacy, disappointment, anger, or sin, the power of the Savior’s Atonement is, by divine design, one of the things that lifts the soul."

If you’re like most busy women, then chances are, you’re operating from this natural man state and not even knowing it. But that’s ok! It’s all that you knew how to do...UNTIL NOW!

The cold hard truth is, if you don’t learn to understand your natural man, you will continue to have roadblocks in your life, no matter how fast you are driving. These roadblocks are getting in the way of you recognizing the Spirit and connecting with God. That connection is what will help you and your family the most.

Show me just one woman that is able to lead her family to love and live the gospel daily without the ability to connect with God and receive His will at all times.

You Can’t! That’s because those women know what you may not have realized until right now: His grace provides your assurance in life.

Let me say that again, His grace provides your assurance in life.

When you get to know your natural man and remove the roadblocks that the natural man creates, then you hear and recognize Him more in your life. But remember, NO ONE can remove all their roadblocks and be perfect in this life. Not me, and not you!

But anyone can learn to recognize when they are being triggered in the natural man state. The skills you learn will help you return to your True Divine Self

That is why I created the Removing Roadblocks to Revelation Group Coaching Program. In this program, I am going to show you EXACTLY how to do it. Starting with discovering how to stay focused on hearing Him so that you can recognize God’s love for you in your life.

It is an 8 week virtual group coaching program that will help you prepare your heart and mind to receive revelation so you can:

  • Stay focused on hearing Him
  • Recognize and receive daily guidance
  • Feel comfort and inspiration to see others through His eyes
  • Connect with the Godhead to access Their power in your life daily
  • Rise up and be the person the Lord created you to be
  • Confidently move forward with God’s answers and timing
  • Reach out and share Their love.  

 Let me share with you what women have said after completing the program. 


"Niki’s course was easy, yet transforming. I’m still blown away each time I use her process when I’m swimming in negative thoughts and feel stuck. It’s no exaggeration when I say I walk away with numerous insights." 


"This program really helped me think more clearly and put things in a better perspective" 


If you want those same powerful skills to know God’s direction at all times without having an internal battle then you are in luck! The doors opened today and will only be open until Thursday. 

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