Episode 28. The Recipe for Receiving Revelation

revelation Aug 30, 2021


In last week's episode I talked about 5 benefits of receiving revelation.

If you haven’t checked that out please do because you will be highly motivated to work on these ingredients after realizing what you get if you do.

I have identified 10 key ingredients to receiving revelation

This is not doctrine here, just my insights as I have studied and applied the skills of receiving revelation.

The recipe

I am going to use the analogy of a chocolate chip cookie recipe to explain the the ingredients to revelation because I feel like it can be helpful in understanding that you do not have to be perfect to receive revelation, but some ingredients are really important and may distort your result

First let's talk about What happens if you leave out an ingredient in a recipe. It could be ok still, you might still want to eat it. Salt and vanilla for example, aren’t going to make too much of a difference if you leave it out.  It won’t be the most optimal taste but you could live without it right? If you never put it in you might get used to eating it that way even though it's not the greatest. 

Leaving out other ingredients, however, may completely change what you are even making or make it unrecognizable. Like not having baking soda that helps it rise, or butter that holds it together or flour that gives it the structure. These are kind of necessary ingredients or you are going to get a distorted result

All the ingredients together make it more enjoyable and easier to decide if you really like it. So yes, having all of these ingredients will be most optimal for receiving revelation, but you aren’t going to be perfect at it every time.

Also not understanding HOW to use some of these ingredients or why they are so important might be a roadblock to you having clear revelation and acting on it. 

The ingredients

I have created a worksheet for you to use while you listen to this episode.  You can click here and get it downloaded.  As I go through each of these ingredients, I will prompt you to be writing down what is coming to your mind when you hear that ingredient.  You will be writing down what thoughts pop up for you that keep you from putting that ingredient into your recipe. This exploration will give you a clear picture of what is getting in your way specifically of receiving revelation

1. Butter

Butter plays a critical role in cookie structure; the fat and moisture can directly impact the shape, spread, and texture in your cookies. Also, the temperature of your butter for cookies directly impacts how cakey, crispy, or flaky your cookies will be.

This ingredient relates to having a clear mind to receive revelation. Just like butter being a crucial ingredient, so is having a clear mind. Having a lot of thoughts jumbled around, a hard time focusing, negativity diverting your attention can affect the how revelation will look when it comes. You will have a hard time interpreting or even recognizing revelation if you don’t have a clear mind.

Write down what situations, tasks, problems, people, things in your life are keeping you from having a clear mind? What triggers your mind to start spinning and not thinking clearly?

2. Flour

Flour is a stabilizer and thickener and holds the cookie together, providing it with its structure. If you use too little flour your cookie won't keep its shape but if you use too much you'll end up with a thick tasteless cookie.

This relates to the revelation ingredient of Hearing the spirit in your day. Knowing how the spirit speaks to you throughout the day is the structure to revelation.  Without this ingredient, you will feel lost, confused and not knowing if you are having a thought or a prompting? Learning how the spirit speaks to you takes time, dedication and focus 

What roadblocks keep you from learning to hear the spirit throughout the day? Is it that you doubt your ability, do you doubt you have time to dedicate to that, Do you doubt yourself and your worthiness to even receive revelation?

3. Salt

Salt you can live without but makes it more yummy with it. It is a flavor enhancer, the other flavors in a cookie fall flat as the sweetness takes over.

This relates to revelation ingredient of understanding the role opposition plays in revelation. Not knowing the role of opposition isn’t necessary to receiving revelation but it sure enhances your experience when you do know.

What I want you to write down is how do you feel when you encounter opposition in your life. Like when things don’t work out as planned, go your way or someone else’s agency interferes with your experience. Do you get frustrated, irritated, sad, disappointed, feel guilt, shame, inadequate, like a failure? Then opposition may be keeping you from receiving revelation

4. Chocolate chips

Chocolate Chips are totally not necessary but they sort of are if you want a chocolate chip cookie right? They also have specific ingredients that help the chips hold their shape and stay in place within the cookie

This relates to dedicating time to learning and studying how to receive revelation. Without this ingredient your revelations won’t hold their shape. You won’t be able to distinguish between thoughts or promptings and revelation won’t feel like a constant in your life.  

Write down what keeps you from doing the learning and studying about revelation. What’s on your plate right now that seems too overwhelming to dedicate to learning this? To learn to recognize and receive revelation?

5. Sugar

Aside from adding sweetness, granulated white sugar makes cookies browner (by caramelizing) and crisper (by absorbing moisture in the dough).

This is the revelation ingredient of having Consistent daily spiritual habits. Without consistent daily spiritual habits you will have a hard time absorbing the sweetness of life.  It will always feel like you are chasing something more, never achieving what you want and never feeling satisfied. 

Write down what thoughts that come to your mind when you think about being consistent with prayer, scripture study, connecting with God, relying/remembering Christ? What keeps you from doing that daily?

6. Eggs 

They play an important role helping to thicken and act as glue Holds everything together

This is the revelation ingredient of Acting on promptings. Without acting on promptings, your revelations aren’t held together. Revelation requires an action on our part to hold it together and access more power. 

Write down what keeps you from acting on promptings?  What doubts do you have about yourself and your abilities. Is it that you will mess things up, you're not good at certain things, you don’t know what to do?

7. Baking soda

This is an important ingredient if you want the cookie to look like a cookie and not a flat disk. It helps cookie dough rise, as the cookies bake on the baking sheet  It’s not absolutely necessary but it does help make the cookie look appetizing.

This is the revelation ingredient Humility and patience with God's plan. Sometimes we don’t act on revelation or seek revelation because we don’t fully understand the whole picture. We want answers now, we think we know what we need and how that help should come. Or we try to do things on our own without seeking help

Write down what you think God should be doing for you in your life right now? In what ways do you think God is not helping you? What are you trying to do on your own without God.

8. Elevation 

When the air pressure is lower,  foods take longer to bake, 

So your temperatures and/or bake times may need to be increased, amounts of flour, sugar and liquids may need to be changed based on the elevation you are cooking at

This is the revelation ingredient of knowing the environment you need to Access to the power of God. What you do with your thoughts matters when accessing the power of God. Some emotions and thoughts can spiral you quickly and keep you from turning to and accessing the power of God.

Write down what types of thoughts or situations really get your mind spinning?

9. Brown sugar

This ingredient that makes cookies moist, softer and chewier than the white sugar does.  You can probably do all white sugar but you are going to change the texture of the cookie.

This is the revelation ingredient Saying Meaningful prayers. Not just knowing how to pray but WHAT to pray for specifically.  Receiving revelation on what you actually need for the day. You can go through the motions and check prayer off your list and be fine, but really learning how to pray for what you need and to build a relationship with God can change you, your day and your ability to receive revelation

Write down what keeps you from saying meaningful prayers? Is it not knowing what to say or what to ask for? Is it feeling like it is a todo rather than an experience with God?

10. Vanilla

Its like the role of salt; it enhances all the other flavors in the recipe. Without it, cookies and cakes tend to taste flat and bland. Forget to add the vanilla once, and you'll probably never do it again!

This is the revelation ingredient having Faith to walk forward without the whole vision. Once you act in faith on revelation and you receive the help you need, you start wanting that more and more and then you stop leaving that ingredient out. 

Write down what are you having a hard time moving forward with faith in your life? Acting in faith? Alright now if you followed along and wrote down all your thoughts for each ingredient you now have an outline of all your roadblocks that are keeping you from receiving revelation and getting the benefits of revelation in your daily life. 

Roadblocks to Receiving Revelation

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