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I am so excited you are here and I am ready to help you feel more connection to yourself and your God. I get it, sometimes life gets hectic, overwhelming, frustrating and down right hard! Then our mental health starts affecting our spiritual health and vice versa. It's a vicious cycle that is draining! Let me help YOU!

1:1 Coaching

Customized coaching designed to help you connect with yourself, others and the Godhead.

Learn the skills of Mind Body Bridging. And get a customized plan to deal with the opposition in your life. 



A digital course to teach you Basic Mind Body Bridging Skills to enrich your connection to yourself and God. 

Learn the skills for a fraction of the cost, at your own pace on your own timeline. 

Spiritual Connections

Outline for Seeking Revelation in Your Life. Learn tools to enhance your ability to receive revelation and connect to God.

Our minds and bodies are more deeply connected than I ever paid attention to.
You are NOT  your thoughts! Your thoughts affect so much more than just your thinking
It is vital to my overall health to be in a healthy state of mind
Without learning and recognizing the identity system, your life can feel out of control
  • I have a few questions I want answered

  • I want to see if Coaching will be a good fit for me

  • I need myself a good Niki chat

  • I want to learn Mind Body Bridging

  • I want to learn to connect with myself, others and the Godhead 

  • I need a specific plan to help me with the opposition in my life.

***Although I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist in the State of Utah, the services offered on this website are considered educational services only***



Learn to handle outside stressors with grace instead of irritation, anxiety, overwhelm and thoughts of inadequacy.


Learn to let thoughts go that are consuming you, making you feel worn out and scattered.


At the end of the day, are you feeling like you just ran a marathon but got nothing done and your mind won't shut off? Learn to feel more in control of your day and your thoughts.


Are you feeling like your life is controlled and there is no time left for YOU.Learn to fill your cup back up by applying self care strategies that restore your energy level. 

This course helped me recognize some things I need to change without me even knowing. It helped me improve overall.

The module on depressor and fixer thoughts was very helpful in understanding what’s happening as I tell myself all these stories that keep me stuck. 

I feel as though this is information we ALL need to learn to help us understand ourselves on a deeper level. Today many of us live daily with high stress, anxiety, overwhelm. This helps SO MUCH.

We often hear we should have a better mindset and we need to change our thoughts. But there is not a lot of info that actually TEACHES the how. I love that this program teaches how, and gives you the tools to continue on.

The Course is forever helpful, as well as grows with you as you grow. You can do it anytime and it is easy to understand

Mind Body Bridging is a set of skills that help increase daily functioning. You do not have to have anything "wrong" with you to implement MBB skills into your life. The skills teach you to recognize a Mind Body State (Active Identity System) that is keeping you from accessing your true potential. When this dysfunctional Mind Body State is active you are not able to function as you were able to moments ago. You might find yourself becoming disorganized, not able to problem solve, loss of empathy and communication skills. With MBB you will learn to identify the reasons (requirements) that this Mind Body State becomes active, what happens if you allow it to be in charge and learn to rest that System and be in charge again. 

What is

Mind Body Bridging

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