Episode 27. 5 Benefits of Revelation You Didn’t Expect

confidence energy peace revelation Aug 23, 2021

Last year I did a survey and asked women what their top three positive  emotions are that they want to be feeling on a daily basis.


Women said they wanted to feel more peace, confidence and motivation.

Can you relate with that?

Are you wanting more peace, confidence and motivation?

Yeah me too! 

I really don’t think you can reach a point where your like man I just feel too peaceful right?


Women are searching for the one thing that will lead them to feeling those emotions on a more consistent basis. But you know what I see women trying to do to get more of those feelings? Trying to be more perfect, do more and comparing themselves to others.

You know what I see those actions leading to? More anxiety, more insecurities and more guilt. First of all, striving to be perfect in the sense of making no mistakes never messing up or always having it together is not possible. You are setting yourself up for failure.

But it's hard not to strive for perfection when you hear scriptures like Be ye therefore perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect right? Well the definition of perfect in that sense is not without mistake it is wholeness.

A whole connection to God: The Savior, The Holy Ghost and Our Heavenly Parents


When you are in perfect wholeness you have all the power that each of those members of the Godhead have to offer. Guess what? That perfect wholeness can offer you? That’s right peace, confidence and motivation.

But that’s not all and that’s what I want to dive into.


When you are in connection with each member of the Godhead you are in what Elder Bednar calls a continuous stream of revelation. He says that everything that is coming to you in this state is considered revelation because of that connection.

Now one thing I notice is that when I ask women if they know how to receive revelation they say yup sure do. But then in the same breath they also say they want to feel more peace, confidence and motivation.

So I see a disconnect here because that’s precisely what revelation can do for you. I know women are not utilizing the power of revelation in their lives like they could. It's like driving a manual car and only using first gear to get anywhere. You aren’t being very effective AND you are burning out your engine.

You can get around driving in first gear for sure but you will have to go slower, it will be more bumpy and you will be frustrated that you can’t do what you want to effectively. Learning to shift gears and utilize revelation for more in your life than just big decision making can mean the difference between being exhausted and being motivated with energy.

5 ways revelation can help you in ways you didn’t expect.

Now I will have these outlined in a handout you can download for free. I do these handouts so you can go back and reference anytime you need. Also, you can totally use them for a lesson if you want.

Just click here and you will get a copy of the handout emailed to you.

1. Saving time

I utilize this benefit on a daily basis. Think about it, you have access to a source that can see the end from the beginning and is willing and ready to help you get to where you need to be.

Why not ask and learn to hear what God wants you to be doing on a daily basis. I am talking for the tiny things, like should I do the laundry or the dishes, should I play with my kids or get things done or which task should I do next.

I can’t tell you how many times I was led to do something different than I thought I needed to get done in that moment and turned out later that the other task didn’t even need to be done or was done in a different way and totally saved me hours of time

2. Feel peace

Now I am not talking about just having a feeling of peace come because you asked (which can totally happen). I am talking about being led to information or knowledge that brings peace. Like reading something in the scriptures, hearing something in a talk or a lesson or having a thought come to your remembrance that helps you have more understanding of a difficult situation and that brings you peace.

I can’t tell you how many countless times I have been told in my sessions with clients that I said the exact words they have been praying to hear and that they now feel peace they never thought possible

I pray everyday to provide the words to my clients that God knows they need to hear. That revelation I receive in that moment brings peace to others.

3. Create healing. 

When you have a pain or hurt that needs healing only God knows what you need to feel that healing. There are certain thoughts we have that block us from feeling that healing that God wants us to have.

Learning to remove those mental roadblocks can help you hear those words that God wants you to hear that can heal wounds and pain and connect you with that peace you desire.

4. Clarity in your decisions

Now we all know revelation can confirm what decision is right. But what most people don’t realize is that confirmation doesn’t just come immediately most times. Most of the time you need to be led down certain paths to see the clarity in your decision.

Revelation can help you see these breadcrumbs of clarity creating a whole picture and then feeling confident in your decisions. 

5. Receive the help 

God does not usually just take things away from us when we ask. God usually leads us to the place, person or strategy that can HELP us. That information comes through revelation.

Removing Roadblocks to Revelation

Again in order to receive these breadcrumbs of information you need to be in the right state of what Elder Bednar calls the continuous stream of revelation. What I see happening with women have mental roadblocks that keep them from being prepared to receive this type of daily guidance comfort and inspiration.

Also that they don’t feel confident in their ability to know when they are receiving this type of revelation. Which is the reason I created the Removing Roadblocks to Revelation Group Coaching Program.

To help busy and devoted Latter-day Saint women recognize, receive and act on revelation with greater confidence and faith.

I will be opening the doors to the group coaching program in September.

If you want to be notified when registration begins, click the link here and jump on the waitlist.

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