Episode 145: When Your Mental Health Obscures the Spirit

Jan 08, 2024


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One of the greatest concerns that women come to me with is knowing the difference between the Spirit or their own thoughts. This has been a big concern for women and for good reason too. President Nelson has taught, and many apostles have emphasized, how important it is to hear what the Lord is telling you through the Holy Ghost or you won’t survive spiritually in the coming days.

I see so many women working as hard as they can and still can’t tell the difference between their own thoughts and the spirit talking. So what then? Well I think there is one element that might not be considered in this equation, or if it is considered, you might not know what to do about it. That element, is your mental health. 

Your mental health plays a pivotal role in your spirituality and in this episode I am sharing how to use mental health tools through a spiritual lens to help you hear the spirit more and receive personal revelation.

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