Hear Him in the Chaos Class

*As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I site sources from The Book of Mormon and General Authorities for this class.

 ► Become a  DIVINE RECEIVER and access the Savior's power of TIME, ENERGY, HELP and PEACE beyond your own ◀︎◀︎◀︎

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Learn to Hear Him in the Chaos to become a DIVINE RECEIVER so you can:


✔︎ Stop wasting time and getting distracted so you can accomplish more in less time


✔︎ Become a vessel for the Savior to know the exact way to help your loved ones


✔︎Connect to your divine spiritual DNA to get more done than you can do on your own


✔︎Feel PEACE in the unpeaceful so you can go to sleep when life is not how you want 

What other's are saying...


This class helped me see what I need to do to start hearing and receiving Him more in my life. Niki made me feel better about where I am at now and that I don't have to stay here. 


I was able to see why I am experiencing the things I am because of where I am operating from. I had a clearer map of how to move forward in order to obtain results instead of being stuck in overwhelm. I now know how to move out of crippling anxiety. 



I was able to take away some of the guilt feelings I've had about several things in my spiritual progress. 



What’s the difference between someone who can  hear the Savior in the chaos and someone who can’t? 

I’ll tell you one thing…it’s not how much time they spend in the scriptures or on their knees.

It's about WHERE they are approaching Him from. 

Do you want to know what the successful people are doing that are hearing him in the chaos?

Those that are receivers already know it’s not about WHAT you do each day to connect with God it’s what MINDSET your in when you do it!

Think about it if you are having anxious, cluttered thoughts how is the Spirit penetrating that?

That’s like inviting a friend to lunch hoping to have a meaningful conversation but you go to the loudest busiest location and get mad at your friend for not talking loud enough for you to hear.


Also, it’s not just your anxious thoughts that are getting in the way of hearing The guidance of the Savior in your life.


Hi I am Niki Olsen and I am a mental health therapist that helps women like you remove mental roadblocks to hearing the Savior more in your life.


I am inviting you to join my Free Hear Him in the Chaos Class


So you can have more time, energy, help and peace in your life. 


So fill out the form above and join us for this LIVE class on August 10th and 11th and experience an environment for the Spirit to speak to you personally.

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