Episode 72: 5 Steps to "Hear Him" at General Conference

general conference personal revelation prayer Sep 19, 2022


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I love General Conference. I didn’t always love it. In fact, when I joined the church when I was 19, I thought that there was just one session and they replayed it 5 times so you only needed to watch one of the sessions. I remembered how shocked I was when I found out it was in fact 10 hours of talks all in one weekend.

I don’t think I watched or even studied all of the general conference talks for the first 15 years I was a member of the church. It was just too overwhelming to me. Not even because I had kids. I just didn’t understand the importance and I didn’t know how to get something out of the time I put in. I just didn’t feel like I was feeling the Spirit when I was watching. It felt more like a chore to check off a list and say I did it.

As I had younger kids I started to use resources from pinterest for them. They definitely liked all the treats and games I created. But again, I was just watching to fulfill my pinterest duties I had planned. It wasn’t really until I started to work on my ability to receive revelation and "hear Him" more in my life that conference started to bring me power, wisdom and strength.

Now I try to set aside conference weekend to watch the talks and really understand what the message is for me out of each conference. Afterwards I study every talk and search for more clarity and understanding. Please remember. it has taken me 21 years to get to this point, so don’t overwhelm yourself if you aren’t there. But I do want you to be inspired to start your journey. 

“The purpose of this and every general conference is to help us to hear Him. We have prayed, and invite you to pray, that the Spirit of the Lord will be with us in such rich abundance that you can hear the messages that the Savior has especially for you—messages that will bring peace to your soul. Messages that will heal your broken heart. Messages that will illuminate your mind. Messages that will help you know what to do as you move ahead through times of turmoil and trial." President Nelson

Those are some pretty big promises right? Peace to your soul, heal your broken heart, illuminate your mind, and know how to handle times of turmoil. If you’re in need of any of those blessing, I encourage you to try out at least one of these following 5 steps that I use to help me "illuminate" my mind. I have even created a worksheet for you with all these steps on them so you can strive to implement some of them in your life.

1. Take a 10 Day Social Media Fast

I typically take a 10 day social media fast before General Conference to prepare me for the messages I will be given. Why? Because I want to only be influence by the voice of God, not by the voice of the world. I want to tune my mind and body into my ability to receive revelation so I tune out the world. Even President Nelson has spoken of the need for social media fast.

“The effect of your 10-day fast may surprise you. What do you notice after taking a break from perspectives of the world that have been wounding your spirit? Is there a change in where you now want to spend your time and energy? Have any of your priorities shifted—even just a little? I urge you to record and follow through with each impression.”

Every time I do this right before conference my mind is in tune with what is wounding my Spirit.  I am able to see where my priorities need to be and what changes I need to make in my life. What would it be like for you to go into conference with that perspective? If this is something your feeling pulled to do, follow through with that prompting. God is wanting to tell you something and the perspectives of the world might be getting in the way.

2. Write Down Specific Questions You Want God to Answer

When I right down specific questions I need answers to I go into conference with a purpose. Much like we do when we fast. Going into fasting without a purpose is just starving. Having a purpose and a specific intent opens our minds and hearts to revelation. Going into conference without a purpose is just listening in general and not really applying the words we are hearing.

I write these questions down and then as I study the talks I write down how they were answered for me and what actions I now want to implement. This has been so powerful to me in personally hearing the Lord in conference and making it more powerful and enticing to watch and listen the next time around.

3. Pray About Your Questions Daily

I like to use the social media fast like regular fasting. Every time I think about reaching for my phone and pulling up social media I say a silent prayer about the questions I have written down. Then I listen to see if there is any guidance I am being given in regards to any of those questions. This really helps me hone in on my ability to hear him even before conference starts.

During conference, my mind is totally focused on those questions as well and in tune with receiving the messages God has for me. Praying about the questions I have before, during, and even after as I study the talks, ensures that I am given ample opportunity to hear the answers.

4. Write Down All of Your Revelations Before, During and After. 

In fact, I always do this daily. Writing down my personal revelations brings about more revelation. When I record promptings and experiences they become engrained in me and I begin to receive more.  I do this on a daily basis with my Seeking Personal Revelation Journal, Doing so has really helped me to be able to hear Him daily in my life. President Nelson taught of this very thing.

Write the thoughts that come to your mind. Record your feelings and follow through with actions that you are prompted to take. As you repeat this process day after day, month after month, year after year, you will grow into the principle of revelation.

 As it pertains to conference, writing your revelations down does not mean writing down exact quotes that are said. It means writing down what the Spirit teaches you about what is being said. Practicing this skill before conference is important as it will prepare your mind to listen for what the words mean for you instead of just hearing words.

I will even go back and study past conference talks and write down the revelations I receive. I have received a lot of personal revelation doing that. So much so that I create study guides to help me. For the last conference I created a study guide for every talk at the April 2022 Conference. The study guides include questions to help you ponder and hear Him more in the talk and write your revelations down. I created a download for you to use them as well.

5. Decide How You Will Take in Conference

This doesn’t have to be sitting down and watching all throughout the weekend. If that works for you, great, make the plan and do it. If it doesn’t then make a plan of how you will take in conference after that weekend. Maybe you just watch one session live then you listen to each of the talks later.

What is imperative for your success is that you at least make a plan. Saying I will do it later without making a plan makes it less likely you will actually do it. Even saying you will listen to at least two talks a week is something. Even the simplest plan will bring about action.

One thing I hope you will not do is guilt yourself into doing nothing. Just because you didn’t watch it all the way through on general conference weekend does not mean you should feel guilty for it. Just decide what is doable for you and your current circumstances and commit.

Each of us have different circumstances, family situations, jobs, and are in different places on our faith journey. But what we all have in common is the opportunity to hear the Savior in our daily lives. General Conference is a place where we can do that. 

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