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If you don't learn to "hear Him" daily,

how will you ever KNOW God's direction at all times?


"Feel God's

Strength and Assurance daily

without spending

hours in the scriptures!"


Learn FOUR formulas to create consistent daily spiritual habits in 90-Days and confidently live God’s plan for you


Listen, keeping a consistent spiritual routine is tough!


And with all the things you need to get done in one day, people you need to take care of and the energy you are using to do it can make it hard to squeeze in all your “supposed to be doing” on the spiritual front.


Especially if you feel rushed, can’t focus, keep getting interrupted or are overwhelmed into doing nothing.

If you’re like most women before they use the Seeking Personal Revelation Journal, then you probably feel:


πŸ’« Guilty for not doing enough spiritually

πŸ’« Anxious that you need to be doing more 

πŸ’« A Constant need to come up with the perfect study routine

am I right?

Most people think that in order to receive better revelation in their lives they need to do more and be better.


But the truth is, the real culprit is

All or Nothing Thinking 

I see you there... putting it on your to-do list, scheduling in the time, making a plan beforehand, going throughout your day then tomorrow is here and suddenly you’re too sleepy, need to start laundry, make the bed, take something out of the freezer for dinner then ooops it’s time to pick the kids up from school.


Now you don’t have time for that perfectly crafted routine so you throw all your plans out the window and start planning a whole different routine for tomorrow.

Trying to execute a plan perfectly the first time is like planting a seed and when it doesn’t sprout a beautiful flower the next day digging it up and planting somewhere else hoping it sprouts faster.

If you’re stuck and not able to “hear Him”...

Which of these apply to you:

After reading this, how much of this applies to you?

If you’re like most women you feel a pressure to do more in order to be perfect!


But that’s ok! It’s all that you knew...UNTIL NOW!


The Cold hard truth is

if you don’t learn how to be consistent rather than perfect you are costing yourself a closer connection with Christ and lose the opportunity to let Christ help you with your day.


You are also missing out on so much revelation by not studying the scriptures and hearing the Lord everyday.


Just show me one woman that is able to hear the still small voice through the screaming loud voice of guilt when you aren’t perfect.


You can’t!


That’s because those women know what you may not have realized until now: when receiving revelation you can “be enabled to accomplish things you simply could not do on our own.” ~President Nelson


✨ When you learn to create consistent daily spiritual habits then it becomes more of a natural thing and something you can’t live without.
AND you can:
⭐️ Gain insights
⭐️ Feel His grace and assurance in your life
⭐️ Access the power of discernment
⭐️ Overcome lack of motivation


The Seeking Personal Revelation Journal will show you how to do exactly that...and it starts with learning to receive daily revelation so you can access the power of God daily.


The Seeking Personal Revelation Journal

A 90-Day Journal to help you:

See what others have said after using this transformative Journal!

Raechel Duplain

My prayers have gone from following a very similar pattern each day to being unique, more heartfelt, and more intentional. It has also helped me be prayerful before my scripture study and learn how to recognize the Spirit teaching me during my studies. I was trying for a long time to create a morning spiritual routine that worked and this journal has finally helped me do it and it is SO easy.

Paige Hoyt

Using Niki’s journal was a game changer for me!  It brought my prayers into laser focus and in return, I started seeing the hand of my Savior in my everyday life. I could see Him giving me “line upon line” revelation personally to me.

Jody Lyman

The Seeking Peronal Revelation Journal has helped me organize my thoughts and feelings before I pray. I am more deliberate in study and prayers. It has helped me recognize the daily helps and promptings from God as I track or record promptings and what I am thankful for each day. I feel more clarity and connection to the Godhead.

See what’s waiting for you inside the Journal when it arrives at your door...

FOUR sections to transform the way you receive revelation

Ok, how much is my investment?


The Seeking Personal Revelation Journal isn’t some cheap Journal with blank pages. It’s not a journal that asks you a few questions so you can write down a quick response.


It’s an investment in yourself that pays huge dividends in your future. 


A Journal that will continue to give you results for the rest of your life by helping you learn to “hear Him” daily, so you know God’s direction at all times.


The Journal teaches you to ➑ implement principles of revelation to ➑ build stronger relationship with God so ➑ you can lead and guide your family.


It has the exact principles I teach my individual coaching clients for $1,500 but for a fraction of the cost. 


And when you weigh all that against the investment and what the Journal will do for your future, then it’s an easy choice. 


So tell me… are you ready to grab yours today?

I sure am!

Invest in your FUTURE SELF today!

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I also have some extra goodies for you...


The  FOUR main sections of Journal will completely transform the way you approach your receive revelation. But that’s only the beginning.


When you receive your journal, you will also get 3 BONUS sections to make your progress even faster and your success even simpler!


Starting with…

So, let’s recap!

When you receive your Seeking Personal Revelation Journal you will get access to FOUR sections to transform your daily spiritual habits. (Value $100)


πŸ’₯ Plus you get the 10 day social media fast to take a break from the distractions of the world and realign with God. (Value $25)


πŸ’₯And not to mention the weekly revelation reviews to help you see what revelations have been pressing on your heart, what actions you have taken, what still needs to be done and what questions you want to be asking in prayer. (Value $50)


πŸ’₯ Plus the pre and post survey so you can see your progress spiritually and be motivated to continue on your path. ($25)


That makes everything you get worth over $200!

I am ready to get my Journal!

So you have a choice...


You could choose to invest in yourself, start having consistent daily spiritual habits to receive better revelation or you could continue on the path you are on and miss or dismiss the revelations that are constantly around you guiding your day.


If you choose to start receiving better revelation then click below and let's get started.

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