Episode 160: Healing from Grief and Trauma Through the Savior with Jennie Moss

May 13, 2024



Whenever I hear someone share their mental health journey I immediately tune in because I know the power of healing that comes for those who share and those who hear. Jennie Moss and her story are no exception. She is a wife, mom, and podcaster who's story is one of resilience, faith, courage, and healing.

With May being Mental Health Awareness month I knew I wanted Jennie to join me on the podcast this month. She shares her experiences through grief and trauma that have played a large part in her life. A fighter of cancer, mother to an angel baby, and survivor of childhood abuse she has words to comfort and encourage us all.

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Connect with Jennie Moss of the Latter Day Ladies Podcast

One of the many things I know that help people through their mental health journey is personal revelation. God truly cares about you and wants to speak to you. Learn how YOU receive revelation with this 90 day guided journal.


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