Episode 149: Rewiring Your Brain to Stop Anxiety

anxiety mental health Feb 19, 2024

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When we realize certain thought patterns aren’t serving us, and we want to change them, we can “rewire,” or “retrain” our brain to react differently to those thoughts. Our brains are constantly reorganizing and rewiring, based on what we are doing, thinking, and feeling. Most of this rewiring is unconscious, we are just going about our lives and our brains are memorizing and putting into deep storage anything we are thinking, feeling, or doing repeatedly.

If we want to develop a new habit of how we experience anxiety in a more helpful way, we can consciously rewire our brains. We can also call it retraining your brain. One of the best ways to do this is using simple yet powerful mental health tools. Which is what I am discussing in this episode. So join me to learn what you can do to rewire your brain to stop anxiety.

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