Episode 150: Your Wandering Mind Can Actually Be A Gift

anxiety gospel study personal revelation prayer scriptures Feb 26, 2024

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Do you ever find yourself saying, “I can’t stay focused during scripture study because my mind wanders too much?”  As though you are reading and your mind goes off somewhere in space and you aren’t even sure what you read.

This also might happen during your prayers. Such as when you are talking in your prayer and then all of the sudden your mind starts to wander off to something completely unrelated and you aren’t even sure where you left off. So you quickly end your prayer and beat yourself up for not being able to focus. Can you relate? So can many other women!

This is why I love to teach women that their wandering mind actually be a gift! I hope by the end of this episode you can have a perspective change about what a wandering mind actually is and how it can help you understand God better. 

 Additional Resources from Niki Olsen Coaching

The Meaningful Prayer Journal is a great resource for recording your prayers and the answers that God has for you. With His daily guidance you will be able to yoke to the Savior, improve your relationships, and accomplish more than you can on your own through personal revelation.


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Quoted sources from this Episode

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