Imagine building a stronger relationship with GOD through prayer...


The Meaningful Prayer journal provides a daily framework to:


✔️ Feel Christ's enabling Power

✔️ See the hand of God in your life

✔️ Prioritize your day through the Spirit


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Imagine building a stronger relationship with GOD through prayer...


The Meaningful Prayer journal provides a daily framework to:


✔️ Feel Christ's enabling Power

✔️ See the hand of God in your life

✔️ Prioritize your day through the Spirit


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Order Now $4.00


How Does The Meaningful Prayer Journal Work?

Watch this 2 minute video to find out!


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Prayer can turn into a drive-thru order and make God feel distant


Can you relate?


❌ Feeling like you aren't doing enough spiritually
❌ Having a hard time recognizing the Spirit
❌ Prayers that seem to follow a similar pattern daily
❌ Chaotic and busy days that drown out the Spirit
❌ Knowing the difference between a thought and a prompting
❌ Feelings of uncertainty with answers to prayer


After reading that, how much of it applies to you?


If you can relate, the the Meaningful Prayer Journal will reconnect you with God's power!


The Meaningful Prayer Journal is an inspirational gift for:



A Ministering Sister



A Neighbor



A Friend



ALSO, for Relief Society Presidencies to give to their Ward Sisters

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PLUS this amazing BONUS

When you purchase 75 or more Prayer Journals, you also receive:


A FREE Virtual Relief Society night Fireside


"5-Ways to Hear Him More in Your Life"

(To be scheduled within the next 6 months) 


During this 60 minute Zoom fireside, your ward sisters will learn how to:

  • >>> Prioritize their day through the Spirit
  • >>> Help loved ones who are struggling
  • >>> Access Christ's power mentally and physically

 ***Click here to watch other presentations I have done to see what the fireside will be like***

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Curious about what's inside the journal?

➤ A Framework for recording promptings when they come during your connection time with God

➤ A framework to seek help and answers daily

➤ A daily gratitude practice to build trust in God

➤ TWO essential strategies to bring God's power into your life through meaningful prayer

➤ 21-Days of Journal pages

➤ SIX additional pages of training/instructions to build a stronger relationship with God through prayer

"What others are saying after using the Journal"

Raechel Duplain

My prayers have gone from following a very similar pattern each day to being unique, more heartfelt, and more intentional. It has also helped me be prayerful before my scripture study and learn how to recognize the Spirit teaching me during my studies. I was trying for a long time to create a morning spiritual routine that worked and this journal has finally helped me do it and it is SO easy.

Paige Hoyt

Using Niki’s journal was a game changer for me!  It brought my prayers into laser focus and in return, I started seeing the hand of my Savior in my everyday life. I could see Him giving me “line upon line” revelation personally to me.

Jody Lyman

The Seeking Personal Revelation Journal has helped me organize my thoughts and feelings before I pray. I am more deliberate in study and prayers. It has helped me recognize the daily helps and promptings from God as I track or record promptings and what I am thankful for each day. I feel more clarity and connection to the Godhead.

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