Episode 43: Your Roadmap to Hear Him More in Your Life

Jan 03, 2022

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President Nelson has been emphasizing lately on the importance of learning to receive personal revelation and to hear the Savior. He recently said, 

 “We hear Him more clearly as we refine our ability to recognize the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. It has never been more imperative to know how the Spirit speaks to you than right now. I renew my plea for you to do whatever it takes to increase your spiritual capacity to receive personal revelation. Doing so will help you know how to move ahead with your life, what to do during times of crisis, and how to discern and avoid the temptations and the deceptions of the adversary.”

 Those are some pretty big promises. All of which come from learning how to hear Him more in your life. 

As I talked about in last week's episode there is a doer and a receiver inside all of us. Depending on what state you are in, you might turn the gospel into a checklist and start only doing things to get them off your list. That is a doer state and it will prevent a deeper connection with God and keep you from hearing Him.

 Then there’s the other state where you learn to do things to receive what God knows you need. When you are in the receiver mode, you will hear Him in what Elder Bednar calls "a steady stream of revelation." Along with that, Elder Rasband has said that one of the most important things to know is “the things that prepare me to hear promptings.

 I feel the same way. Which is why I am going to hold a 5-Days to hear Him Challenge starting on January 10. In this challenge I will give you a roadmap to hear Him.

Having a roadmap of how you can hear Him in your life can help you

  • Prioritize your day through the Spirit 

  • Receive inspiration to lead your family 

  • Access Christ's power mentally and physically


How would it feel to have those results just from being able to hear Him more regularly in your life?  I love the analogy of a map to learn new strategies because in order to use a map you need to understand where you are at, where you want to go and come up with a strategy to get from point a to point b.

In the 5 day challenge I will help you understand where you are currently at with hearing Him, where you want to go and generate small and simple strategies to get you there.

I will also talk about the myths that will put roadblocks in your way when you are on your journey to hearing him and what your plan is moving forward once you have your roadmap all planned out

I am also going to cover how your internal thoughts and mental battles can keep you from hearing that still small voice. 

This challenge is also about understanding what is getting in the way of you hearing him and identifying those small and simple strategies that will actually move you closer to hearing Him, not creating more stress and overwhelm.


I will teach you the exact strategies I use to hear Him daily to get more done, help my loved ones and utilize Christ’s strength to do it.


It has taken me years to figure out these strategies. I want to share them with all of you. This is a FREE 5-Day challenge so feel free to share it with anyone you would like. Doing challenges with accountability buddies are always more fun.

 I have done a couple challenges before and have had such a great response. After participating in one of my challenges Ashley said, 

“This challenge has helped me sooo much. It has helped me see that hearing him doesn't have to be a big production event. It can and will happen in the small moments of your life where you intentionally make time to Hear what he has to say to me. It is something I plan on using daily from here on out.”

Imagine if this is your story after joining us for the challenge. Imagine if you could remove mental roadblocks that keep you from hearing that still small voice in your day.

I know that it can be discouraging when we try to hear the Savior more in our life. I love what Elder Christopherson said about feeling that discouragement.

“I would hope no one would look at someone who seems to have an open conduit into heaven and feel discouraged or think, “Well, that is not my experience. I will never have that.” Just keep striving, and over time you will increase and enhance your ability both to receive and to understand what comes to you. I do not think any of us ought to compare ourselves to someone else in that regard.”

That is exactly why I help you understand, for yourself, what will work and your circumstances to hear Him. If you're thinking, yes Niki I want to join you, then get register now! You will receive an email immediately welcoming you and giving you the workbook that goes along with the challenge. 

Since I am calling this a challenge I am also going to be giving away prizes! There will be a scorecard in the workbook that gives you easy ways to earn points towards prizes. In fact, you can get started right away on earning those points even before the challenge begins.

When the challenge begins on January 10 you will receive an email everyday with a short video to watch and learn from. There will also be an action commitment guide helping you implement the concepts that you learn. There is also a Facebook group where you can connect with other women, gain ideas and ask questions. This really is about a community to support each other.

If you are feeling that you don’t think I have time for that, I totally get it! Time is not something I necessarily have lying around either. One thing I have learned is that hearing Him more in my life has helped me save time by knowing exactly where God wants me to be spending time in my day.

Think about it, if you could get information from a source that knows exactly what will be most efficient for you and provide you the strength mentally and physically to do it, would you pass that up? Think about these videos as your morning study for the day so you can know God’s direction at all times without an internal battle. 

This challenge will help you learn small and simple strategies to hear Him more in your life. 

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