Episode 76: When You Feel Uncertain in Prayer

Oct 24, 2022


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Uncertainty has been something that, after I learned about, was mind blowing. It has completely changed my perspective on situations and actually brought me peace and strength during uncertain times. Specifically as it applies to prayer. Uncertainty in prayer is an interesting thing because we usually approach God in prayer with something we are uncertain about hoping to come out of prayer with a certain answer. Yet that doesn't always happen.

What I have noticed happens with women I work with is when they don’t receive a certain answer after prayer they assume a few things. One, they did something wrong to not receive an answer. Two, God must not love them enough to give them an answer. Or Three, they just need to try harder or do more. Then I notice that they start beating themselves up, doing more and overwhelming themselves, or stop talking to God because they aren’t getting certainty in their prayers.

So let me introduce a mind blowing alternative. What if uncertainty in prayer is part of the plan? What if uncertainty HAS to be there? When I heard this, it really peaked my interest. I thought we were supposed to be able to ask in prayer for something, and receive an definite answer. Truth is most everyone has prayed before and felt certain about what they needed to do. That can happen, but there is still some form of uncertainty in that too. 

I first learned about this concept from Melinda Wheelwright Brown when I interviewed her this year on the Meaningful Minutes Podcast. She also talks about this concept in her amazing book "Eve and Adam: Discovering the Beautiful Balance." I will use her words to introduce you to the concept first. She introduces the concept of uncertainty using Eve as an example and how Satan played a role in that uncertainty. 

“In spite of Satan's deception, we know his opposition was necessary. Though his primary objective is to tempt and try each member of the Human family, his earliest encounters with Even Adam were singular because of their innocence and significant because of their agency. Since God will not exert any compulsory means and Satan cannot, sometimes the most the adversary can do in his attempt to cause trouble and derail plans is to introduce uncertainty.

Uncertainty in circumstances allows us to truly, really and fully choose for ourselves because, during those questioning moments, we are unsure of what the “right" choice is, we are uncertain of precisely what God would have us do. In my estimation such was the case in the Serpent's interaction with Eve. Without Satan's opposition his introduction of uncertainty among Alternatives causing her to sincerely question and consider her choice would not happen completely on her own. I believe Eve needed to feel at least slightly unsure of what she was supposed to do because certainty would have dismissed her agency. 

The uncertainty introduced by the serpent appears to have caused some sort of pondering and reflection. This was a pivotal Point, perhaps the first opportunity for Eve to powerfully demonstrate her ability to reason.” 

I love that line, “certainty would have diminished her agency.” Uncertainty is needed for us to have agency. If we are certain about something there is no longer faith involved right? The whole reason we are here on this earth without God is to choose for ourselves whether we want to return to live with Him.  Being without God and not knowing for sure what God would have us do, makes us use faith to make decisions. We must reason in our minds then move forward with our best knowledge. 

Even when the Spirit confirms to you that you're moving in the right direction or to make a certain decision, there is still an element of uncertainty. Just because you get a confirmation on what to do, doesn’t mean that opposition doesn’t get in your way of carrying out that decision. Think about the opposition that Satan created for Eve and how that helped her use her reasoning to choose the best option in spite of what she was told. 

Uncertainty in prayer is necessary for each of us to move forward with faith. When you take uncertainty out of the equation you also take out faith. You must move forward with some form of uncertainty otherwise you would not be using faith or your agency.

So then, what do you do when you feel uncertain? You act on the best revelation you have been given and see how God directs you from there. God knows you are working in uncertain circumstances and will not let you stray very far if you are willing to come back time and time again asking for help and moving forward with uncertainty. That is how faith becomes stronger and your relationship with God is built. Continual acting on uncertainty with the answers you get in prayer. 

One of the ways that I make sure I come back to God time and time again in uncertainty is using my Seeking Personal Revelation Journal. This allows me to see these results first hand. I am able to reason and ponder so I can use my agency and faith in the way it was intended. 

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