Episode 68. Who is Niki Olsen: An Interview by Laura Cragun

Aug 08, 2022

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Every single person has a reason for doing what they do in their life. They have a back story, a purpose, a reason for who the are and the passions they have. That is one of the things that makes this world such a beautiful place. I love to hear those things about others but this week I had the opportunity to share that about myself. Laura Cragun, of the Latter Day Intuitive Eating Podcast, invited me to join her show and discuss a little about myself and why I have created Niki Olsen Coaching and what it means to me.

Who is Niki

I am a wife, mom, and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in the state of Utah. During the day I work with the Utah Navajo Health Systems as a mental health therapist and at night I run a my coaching business. With that I help faithful women remove their internal barriers and battles to connect them to God, themselves, and others. 

I am a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as I joined when I was 19 years old. I did not grow up with any sort of religious practices so joining the Church was huge change for me. I didn't have any spiritual practices in my life such as reading scriptures, praying, or having a connection to God. These were all things that I had to learn how to do and how to implement them into in my life. Even after being married and becoming a mom I kept yearning for new ways to increase my spirituality and feel guidance from my Heavenly Parents. 

Out of that desire and subsequent learning I realized that many women, even those raised in the Church, were searching for ways to connect with God. I felt called to start coaching. Truth is, women are busy! We run households, raise children, and often times hold full time jobs and run companies. With that kind of a schedule it can feel impossible to add even one more thing into our lives like reading scriptures. So, I created programs that allow women to create spiritual habits without adding to their to-do list.

Mind Body Bridging

Years ago I learned a therapy modality called Mind Body Bridging. The premise behind this therapeutic treatment is that we have our mind and we our body. When those two are connected and whole then we have every power that we need in that moment because we are functioning in whole state.

The scriptures actually talk about this as being perfection. Which is a wholeness, a connectedness. When we add spirituality to the equation along with a person's mind and body, we reach that wholeness and are in a perfected state. A state where we are connected to the Holy Ghost, connected to the Savior, our Heavenly Parents, and our own true divine self. When someone is perfectly connected then they anything is possible for them.

The problem is that we live in fallen world. We live on earth as human beings who are affected by the natural man. That natural man is inside each of us and can often be awakened so much that we become disconnected to God, the Savior, and our divinity. This is where the bridging comes in. Mind Body Bridging teaches you how to remove any mental roadblocks to create a deep connection even during the most difficult and stressful moments in life. 

The key to learning Mind Body Bridging is to practice it in a safe setting with a trained professional. I teach this modality in not only my clinical work with my patients at Utah Navajo Health Systems, but also in my coaching business. The only difference in how I teach the bridging skill in my coaching business is I include a spiritual aspect. It is a true therapeutic modality taught through a spiritual lens. 

Removing Roadblocks

One of my programs in which I teach these skills of Mind Body Bridging is called the Removing Roadblocks to Revelation Group Coaching Program. In this 8 week course I hold weekly live and interactive classes via zoom. It is in a group setting in which women are able to not only learn how to bridge their mind, body, and spirit but they are also able to connect with other women who are also seeking help in their lives.

One such woman was Stacey, a mother of 4. She shared, "Niki understands the inner workings of Latter-day Saint moms' minds, and understands how to put things into perspective. She helped me to learn to recognize and trust the promptings in my daily life, and recognize the adversary trying to bring me down and make me feel inadequate.  She helped me develop so much more confidence in my motherhood. Niki has changed the way I think and feel about everything that happens in my day, and quite frankly, it's been life-changing for me."

Quotes like that are exactly why I do what I do. I have no doubt I was called to do this. My desire to learn how to study the gospel and connect with the Savior led me down a path of personal revelation and opportunities beyond my own design. Learning to bridge my spirit, my mind, and my body broadened the vision I had for my life and what God needed me to. 

So ask yourself. What revelation would you receive if you too could complete that bridge and connect with He who knows everything? What would you be called to do? Where would your life go? Get on the waitlist for the next group and find out.

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