Episode 54: From Chaos to Peace: Can That Really Happen?

personal revelation Apr 25, 2022

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“I just feel God’s hand in everything I am doing.”

Comments like that are exactly why I truly believe in what I do. I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and I use therapeutic tools with spiritual explanations to help women strengthen their relationships, feel more confident and deepen their connection with God. I want every woman to know how to access and feel God’s power daily.

I am also a wife, mom, friend, sister and all the other roles that women star in. I love every single one of those roles and cherish the relationships. I would imagine you do as well. However, with all the joy and love it can also be overwhelming and lead to thoughts of inadequacy. I have actually noticed a theme with women I have met.

 Most Latter-day Saint women often feel like they aren't enough.  

The truth is, WE ARE ENOUGH.  And when we can "feel God's love in everything," as Aubrey shared, we can more fully understand our divinity and access the power we all have inside of us. To do that we need to know how to create a simple and effective plan to access God's power daily without adding more overwhelm. Which is what I teach women how to do in my Removing Roadblocks to Revelation Group Coaching Program. One woman who participated in the 8 week virtual program shared with me the following.

"It has been so helpful for me through your podcast and also through this program learning that I don't have to have some huge, sit down, spend an hour studying, and pondering and everything for that spiritual work to count or mean something...it has been really freeing for me."

She was able to remove the thoughts that create a barrier between us and God's power. The thought that our simple efforts are not enough or that WE are not enough. She is not alone in those thoughts either. 

The majority of the women I meet with feel lonely in their thoughts of inadequacy. As though everyone else feels God's power and that they are the one who is not enough.  In fact, two women who completed the program enjoyed the group setting particularly because of that very thing. They expressed gratitude for not only what they learned, but to the other women in the group. They stated,

"I just wanted to say thank you also to the group because I have learned a lot from listening to each of you. Even the weeks I was unable to attend I listened to the feedback and the recording and there are always good things to learn from you. So I really am grateful for all of your comments and how much we have been able to be vulnerable with each other and learn with each other. That has been a really helpful thing for me...I am going to miss seeing your cute faces and learning from you."


"It has helped me so much to realize I am not alone. So much of the time, every day, I feel like I am the only one who doesn't get this. And I feel so alone. Thank you guys for helping me realize I am not alone."

The community that the group coaching program creates has brought peace of mind to the women who participate. They feel that peace because they feel God guiding them. They are able to access His power daily.  Aubrey, another woman who completed the program shared with me how she has seen God guiding her. As a young mom struggling to find the time and energy to build a connection with God and hear His guidance she stated,

"When I am so busy running kids around, and when I am having an off day, or if I am studying something different that is not the scriptures. She is able to show us that God is in everything. God is in that self help book I am reading. God is in my drive with my kids with the Disney songs blasting. God is in all the good we can surround ourselves with. Especially as busy moms and women."

What a gift it is to me to meet women and listen to the struggles they have and then see the results after they complete the program.  I started my coaching business because I am passionate about helping women connect with their true selves and feel the divine power inside of them.  I love doing this work. I feel called to do it.


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