Episode 53: The Real Secret to "Hearing Him" Daily

hear him Apr 11, 2022


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It’s no secret that President Nelson wants us to learn to “Hear Him” in our lives. He wants us to hear the Savior. So much so that if you pull up the churches website, there is a whole page dedicated to “hearing Him”

On that page, which I linked in my show notes, it reads, "In the scriptures, Heavenly Father has repeatedly introduced His Son, Jesus Christ, with a specific invitation to 'hear Him.' How do we hear the voice of the Lord? How do we hear Him better and more often? Learn how Apostles and other Church leaders personally "hear" the Lord Jesus Christ through the Spirit." There are also multiple videos from leaders of the church sharing how they “hear Him” in their lives. 

This is an important topic and counsel we need to pay attention to following. The question is how. How do we learn to "hear Him" more in our life? Sometimes women I work with feel like they need to create this huge plan to implement in order to hear Him more. Or they need to wake up earlier and read more scriptures. Read MORE, study MORE, do MORE. 

While being in the word of God is helpful, there are other small and simple ways you can learn to hear Him more in your life.  I love President Uchtdorf’s thoughts on this. 

“Isn’t it interesting how small, seemingly insignificant factors can make a major difference in our lives? Most of the changes in our spiritual lives—both positive and negative—happen gradually, a step at a time.”

You know what will make the most difference in your ability to hear Him? The small incremental changes you implement. However, it’s not simply deciding on a small change and doing it. If that small change doesn’t align with where you are currently at and where you want to go, you may still feel out of alignment. Let me explain.

In a conference talk given by Elder Uchtdorf in October 2021 titled, "Daily Restoration," he taught this concept. He spoke about a theory that when people are lost they walk in circles. He explained that researchers have tested this and when people were placed in a forest and told to walk straight, their GPS coordinates actually showed them walking in a circle. He went on to say,

“Why do we do have such a hard time walking in a straight line? Some researchers hypothesize that small, seemingly insignificant deviations in terrain make the difference. Others have pointed to the fact that we all have one leg that is slightly stronger than the other. More likely, however, we struggle to walk straight ahead because of increasing uncertainty about where straight ahead is. Whatever the cause, it is human nature: without reliable landmarks, we drift off course." 

Thus, my secret to hearing Him isn’t just about doing small and simple things. It is about understanding your landmarks about where you are at and where you want to go. In order to learn to "hear Him" in your life you must first position yourself. To find your starting point consider the following:

  • What are you currently doing to hear Him?
  • What makes it hard to hear Him?
  • What is getting in your way of hearing Him? 

Answering those questions will set a landmark. Setting that first landmark will help you line up another one which is where do you want to go with hearing Him.

  • Where do you want to point yourself?
  • What will hearing Him help you with specifically in your life?
  • What will you be able to do once you are hearing Him more in your life?

This gives you another landmark. These are reliable landmarks so that you can walk the straight line to hearing Him more in your life. Once you have those set you can decide on what your small and simple changes will be. Then as you being to make the small changes consistency is paramount to success. Elder Michael A Dunn teaches, 

“But the one caveat with this approach is that for small gains to aggregate, there must be a consistent, day-in and day-out effort.” 

The key to success, is choosing things that you can be consistent with day in and day out. Like Elder Uchtdorf said,

We cannot be content with spiritual experiences of the past. We need a steady flow. We can’t rely on others’ testimonies forever. We must build our own. We need an ongoing, daily infusion of heavenly light. We need “times of refreshing.” Times of personal restoration."

These small and simple tasks that you are going to do to learn to hear Him more in your life are what restore you and refresh you daily. These aren’t just things to do. They are things that restore your connection with God and they cause momentum. Elder Neal A. Maxwell taught,

“Each assertion of a righteous desire, each act of service, and each act of worship, however small and incremental, adds to our spiritual momentum.”

So if you want to "hear Him" more in your life then you need to stop wondering in circles. Find you starting point, set your landmarks, choose the small and simple ways you ways you want to change and be consistent to build momentum. This momentum is what will keep you going. It will give you opportunities to hear Him daily.

If are wondering what those small and simple things you can do to hear Him. I can help you. I am doing a FREE 5-days to Hear Him Challenge where I am going to go over these strategies and help you create a specific roadmap to hearing Him more in your life. This challenge will help you: 

  • Prioritize your day through the Spirit 
  • Receive inspiration to lead your family 
  • Access Christ's power mentally and physically

The challenge is going to start April 18 and because it is a challenge I am also giving away prizes! I’m also doing a pre-challenge giveaway when you join early for those that start working on some of the challenge tasks early. 

Now, if you have done this challenge before, and you’re wondering if joining again will be of benefit, let me ask you a few questions.

First, did you take in all the content last time?

If the answer is no then for sure this will be of benefit to you then to take in more of the free teachings and content. Plus, this time I am teaching you live so you have a chance to ask questions in the moment.

If you said yes, I watched the whole thing then my second question would be, are you ready to create a new ladder to draw closer to the Savior?

Truth is, we all have improvements to make. We can all continue to grow. Each time you listen to the content, the Spirit can prompt you about your current circumstances and nudge you in the direction God wants you to go.

Which brings me to my third question, could you benefit from an environment where the Spirit can teach you? 

I know that when I start to listen to content that brings in the Spirit, my ability to hear Him increases just by being in that situation. Our environment truly can have an impact on our spirituality and connection to Christ.

To sum up, the answer to the question if you could benefit from taking the challenge again, I would say yes, yes you definitely can!

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