Episode 38: The Power of a Relationship with Each Member of the Godhead

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You might be wondering, why would I want to individually build a relationship with each member of the Godhead. Don’t they all work together? To that I say, yes, they all work together in unity, but they each specifically have a special power to offer us if we are willing to build that relationship with them individually.

M Russell Ballard said, “We must always remember that our true happiness depends upon our relationship with God, with Jesus Christ, and with each other.”

So let’s dive in and discuss the benefits and power you receive if you start to build a relationship with each member of the Godhead.

  • I will talk about our Heavenly Parents first, then the Savior and then the Holy Ghost.
  • I also have created a handout that will outline each of the benefits and powers that each member of the Godhead has to offer. 
  • So be sure to click the link in my show notes and download that handout.
  • You could use that handout to remind yourself of these powers so you start working on your relationship, to help you develop a lesson or share with a ministering sister. 

Heavenly Parents

If you’re wondering why I am saying Heavenly Parents instead of Heavenly Father, you might want to tune into next week's episode where I will talk about Our Mother in Heaven and why we need to learn of her too. But this week I am focusing on Our Heavenly Parents as a whole.  Elder Bednar said, “Revelation from our Heavenly parents, like all knowledge, is granted according to our preparation." 

He is showing us here that revelation ultimately comes from our Heavenly Parents. If you think about it, Our Heavenly Parents have an individual plan for each of us. 

They can see the end from the beginning!  If we are willing to build a relationship with Them we will be guided as we will have the information or revelation we need to accomplish Their will. Essentially giving us a vision of where we need to go.

Like a lighthouse, which illuminates the dark sea, our relationship with the Godhead is  a light to help us know the direction we are going. When I understand God’s will for me I have a greater vision of knowing I’m on the right path. 

When I Connect with Their vision of me and align my will with with Theirs, I also get The Savior's power to accomplish Their will.

The Savior, Jesus Christ

Now the savior offers a lot of power because He atoned for all that we have to bear on this earth.  To quote Elder Rasband “Be of good cheer, and do not fear,” the Lord has said.  When we face challenges at every turn because of the promise made by Jesus “I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you. As we cheerfully submit our will to the Father, even in the most difficult of circumstances, the Savior will lift our burdens and make them light.”

If we can learn to build a relationship with the Savior and Yoke to Him, He can provide the power to endure, the strength to overcome and the comfort to bear the burdens of living in a fallen world.

Who doesn’t need that kind of power in their life? I know that I do. That is a power I seek every day.

The Savior has the power to heal.

Elder Nielson said in the past conference, “The Savior’s healing power is not just His ability to heal our bodies but, perhaps even more important, His ability to heal our hearts.” 

Also, in 3 Neph18:32 the Savior teaches, “For ye know not but what they will return and repent, and come unto me with full purpose of heart, and I shall heal them.”

This is another power I can’t live without in my life. I am in constant need of healing in my life due to physical ailments, actions of others and choices on my own part.

I could record an entire one hour episode on the power that the Savior has to offer us by I think Moroni sums it up pretty well in Moroni 7:33.  He says, “​And Christ hath said: ​​​If​ ye will have ​​​faith​ in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is ​​​expedient​ in me.”

Essentially if we build that relationship to have faith in the Savior we can do anything that the Lord asks us to do. Our Heavenly Parents have a purpose for each of us, the Savior provides the power and the Holy Ghost is the conduit of that power and message.

Holy Ghost

In order to let God prevail or to “hear Him” in our lives, we need to have a relationship with the Holy Ghost. Developing a relationship with the Holy Ghost is vital in receiving what our Heavenly Parents and the Savior want us to have.

Elder Bednar said, “We are prompted by the Holy Ghost every day to do ordinary and simple things. To the degree that we are diligent and heed simple promptings, then our capacity to recognize and respond to the Holy Ghost is increased.”

As we build that relationship with the Holy Ghost our ability to hear him increases.

The Holy Ghost is also known as the comforter

When you desire peace, confidence or comfort, the Holy Ghost is the one that provides that to you. Elder Bednar also said , “The law of the harvest is real; we cannot gather crops in the fall that we did not properly plant and cultivate during the spring and summer. And we cannot realistically expect to recognize big promptings if we consistently fail to heed the small ones.”

There are many small and simple things that you can do to allow the Holy Ghost into your life. If you’re feeling, yes I want all of those benefits but how do I do it? I can help you.

This is where my Spiritual Survival Course comes in. I cover specific strategies you can start doing in small and simple ways to build a relationship with each member of the Godhead.  I will be opening the Spiritual Survival Course to anyone on my waitlist in January 2022.

Be sure to click the show notes and jump on that waitlist right now while you’re thinking of it so you don't miss out when I open the doors to the course in January.

It is vital to remember the benefits and powers that each member of the Godhead provide so you can work on receiving them, utilizing them and building on them. 

When you’re in my show notes to get on the waitlist, be sure to download the handout from this episode as well so you can remember those benefits and powers. Then tune in next week when I talk about build a relationship with our Mother in Heaven.


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