Episode 31: Why I created the Removing Roadblocks to Revelation Group Coaching Program

anxiety fear revelation Sep 26, 2021

If your listening to this my guess is you're either on the fence about the program, wanting more info or are excited to join and ready for what’s to come. This will be the last time to join the Removing Roadblocks to Revelation program until 2022.

This podcast is to discuss with you about what the Removing Roadblocks to Revelation group coaching program is, what it can do for you, who this is for and what makes it different. 

I Already Receive Revelation

When you hear the name you might think I know how to receive revelation this isn’t for me. Yes I do teach the basics of receiving revelation, but the hard part is receiving Revelation to help you in your day to day life.

The hard part is getting stuck in your anxiety, self doubt and fear which keeps you from receiving revelation. So many people out there are teaching you to do more to get more. Like just do more and be more perfect and your life will be better, and that just creates overwhelm. 

I mean how are you supposed to do more right?

Getting to the Roots

The hard part is getting to the roots of your anxiety, self doubt and fear. What most women don’t realize is the thoughts your having on a daily basis can block your ability to receive revelation . It’s not about turning negative thoughts into positive ones or trying to stop thoughts from coming

It’s about defusing thoughts so they don’t disconnect us from our continuous stream of revelation that can help you receive God's power, guidance and will for your specific circumstances.

True revelation doesn’t come from being more perfect it comes from understanding what is blocking you and defusing it and it starts with your thoughts 

Let’s use a tree as an example here:

When you plant a tree, first the roots start to grow into the ground, then branches start to grow then leaves sprout right? Well the roots of receiving revelation are your thoughts and beliefs

The Trunk of the tree is your actions that you take because of your thoughts and beliefs, and the Leaves are the results of your actions. So your Roots or thoughts and beliefs create your trunk or in other words your actions which create your leaves or results. Thoughts influence actions which create different results.

Just doing more actions without working on your root beliefs will always revert your actions back to default.  Which means if you keep doing what you’re doing you will keep getting what you are getting.

Beliefs shape the actions we do which shape the results we get. Focusing on actions (doing more things) will not be effective in sustainable change. Trying harder is a broken strategy. It's like pulling off the top of a weed hoping it goes away.

Most programs are aimed at trunk or actions .Trunk is created by the roots, leaves are created by trunk. Only working on trunk means not having lasting change. 

What the removing Roadblocks to Revelation Program does is focus on the underlying belief that is causing your actions. I teach you How to work on the roots so your actions shift and your results are different. Now if you think of a tree, you can’t really see the roots of a tree. 

Well just the same, It’s also difficult to see your OWN roots of your mental roadblocks without some help. Which is why it’s important to work with someone who is trained in helping you identify those mental roadblocks  or roots and has skills to teach you to remove them. 

It’s like having something stuck in your teeth. If you can’t see that it’s there, it’s difficult to remove. Once you know it’s there it’s easy to remove and that’s why I created this program.

To teach you the basics of being aware of your thoughts knowing  what they are doing to you and using the tools that I teach to reconnect with your true source of healing, wisdom and love which is GOD

4 Step Process

Step 1 is Preparation Prepare your heart and mind to receive revelation.

Now with this step I am not talking about preparing spiritually by reading your scriptures, saying your prayers, standing in holy places… things like that.

I am talking about quieting down the chaos and anxiety so you can hear the still small voice of the Spirit

You will learn skills that you can use in the moment without stopping what you are doing.

Step 2 is Receiving: Recognize and receive daily guidance, comfort and inspiration.

If you listened to podcast episode number 29: The real reason you’re not receiving Revelation then you know that the natural man keeps you from being in the state of mind to receive revelation

So in this step I teach you ways to put that natural man to sleep so you can receive the revelation you need for your day

Elder Bednar said that , “Understanding the intent of an enemy is vital to effective preparation for possible attacks.”

Well guess who is your enemy? That’s right, the Natural man is an enemy to God

And D&C 38:30-31if ye are prepared ye shall not fear. that ye might escape the power of the ​​​enemy​, and be gathered unto me a righteous people, without ​​​spot​ and blameless—

I teach you specific steps to identify the natural man’s tactics that are being used against you and help you defuse its tactics

Step 3 is  Connection: Feel and access God's power in your life daily.

I notice so often with the women I work with that their fears and inadequacies get in the way of them accessing and feeling God’s power for their day.

They are missing out on a vital source of Christ’s enabling power for their day because those fear and inadequacies disconnect them from that power

In this step I teach you how to interrupt those thoughts and return to your source of power, Christ

Step 4 is Confidence: Move forward with confidence in God's answers and timing.

Confidently Knowing what God wants us to do can be difficult.

Women I work with are worried because they have loved ones that are struggling, 4 thousand things on their plate and not sure they have the abilities to deal with it all

The confusion, fears, chaos can get all tangled up and pretty soon we don’t even know which direction we are pointing

The fourth step is learning skills to untangle that web of confusion, reconnecting with God, realigning your will and confidently acting on the revelation you are given.

How I Know Those Steps Work

Because I use them myself every... single... day

Because there was this point a few years back when I realized that true mental health healing comes when we connect with God and receive God‘s power.

I had been helping people as a therapist for about 10 year at this point with the biggest struggles with our lives. 

I was feeling enormous pressure to provide healing and care for the individuals that were seeing me. 

I was also working full-time, being a mom and a wife and holding a calling 

My kids were struggling with things that as a therapist I should know how to deal with and I didn’t.

I was barely keeping my head above water. 

I had no idea what to focus on each day to be the most effective. 

I felt like no matter what I did I was running on a hamster wheel and getting nowhere there was always something else that needed to be done. 

Then the breaking point came... I lost some patients and a coworker to suicide

I was broken, 

Who was I to help people.

I felt unsure, inadequate, fearful and drained.

How could I continue to help people if I didn’t even know what I needed, my family needed or my patients.

As I reached out for my own mental health support I began implementing the same skills that I teach in the removing Roadblocks and Revelation program. 

I began to see that the one person that knows exactly what every individual person needs is the savior. 

And when I learn to remove my mental Roadblock and start healing I connected with the Savior to truly receive the revelation I needed to continue doing the important work He needs me to do

I also felt a massive load taken off of my shoulders of having to know what each individual person needed from me because I had direct access to the savior that knows exactly what that person needs.

All I need to do is stay in connected to the Savior so I can provide what each person needs

And that’s when I realized revelation is the key to accessing Christ’s enabling power, being guided in my priorities and helping others

When I started to prioritize my day through the spirit I started getting clarity on what was the most important thing to be spending my time on by receiving information from a source, the Holy Ghost, who is getting his information from the person, Heavenly father, who sees the end from the beginning and knows exactly what I need to be working on at each given moment. 

I started seeing progress in my day and satisfaction in my efforts. I knew that whatever I was spending my time on was where the Lord needed me to be. 

And the stress of what I wasn’t doing subsided because I knew I was right where I needed to be 

Will this work for you?

So, If you are an LDS mom struggling, to find answers, help your loved ones or doubting your ability to deal with what’s on your plate then Removing Roadblocks to Revelation Group Coaching Program teaches you to remove barriers to revelation so that you can prioritize your day through the spirit, help loved ones and access Christ’s enabling power.

You can’t receive better revelation without first looking inward at how your thoughts are blocking you  

I say this all the time women are not utilizing the power of revelation in their lives that they could for their day.

When you start to connect with God and receive that continuous stream of revelation you will be able to confidently help those around you by receiving the Savior’s enabling power all while still tending to all that’s on your plate.

You will become the wife, mom, neighbor, employee, sister in the gospel that you’ve wanted to be

What Stacey Said

But don’t take my word for it, Let me tell you what one of my clients said after working with me and learning these same skills

Stacey came to me overwhelmed with everything on her plate. She had four kids under eight, working from home, trying to be a good wife, mother and disciple of Christ. 

She felt like she was failing in all of these areas and trying to keep 1 million balls in the air. 

She had tried to decide which balls were not important and let them fall but felt paralyzed at the decision of deciding which ones to let go.

 She had been praying for answers and feeling more confused as she did. 

She didn’t feel like she had any more time in the day to spare but the solution only seemed to be to do more.

 As Stacey and I began to prepare her mind to receive revelation by decreasing the anxiety and overwhelm she began to feel peace and confidence in her abilities

Here are her exact words after completing my program, She said, Niki is just hands-down the best. She understands the inner workings of Latter-day Saint moms' minds, and she understands how to put things into perspective. She helped me to learn to recognize and trust the promptings of the Spirit in my daily life, and she helped me learn to recognize when the adversary is trying to bring me down and make me feel inadequate. She helped me develop so much more confidence in my motherhood, and other relationships. Having done this coaching with Niki has changed the way I think and feel about everything that happens in my day, and quite frankly, it's been life-changing for me.”

Alright, “If any of this spoke to you and you're ready to make the commitment then the doors will open tomorrow morning so be sure to click here so you can get on the waitlist and be notified.

If you're joining us I’m so excited and will see you next week when we start. 


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