Episode 153: Dating Your Spouse After Marriage With Tammy Hill LMFT

Mar 18, 2024

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Having been married myself for nearly 20 years I understand just how much marriage changes over the years. The relationship between a husband and wife evolves because of a myriad of life experiences. Age, kids, jobs, homes, callings, school and all the challenges that come along with those. They can wreak havoc on even the happiest couples. However, even through it all you can have a long lasting, happy, and romantic marriage.

I want to share with you how you can make that happen in your marriage. If you have been married for 1 year or 50 years or even hope to be married someday, this episode is for you. This week on the podcast I am joined by Tammy Hill. She is a wife, mom, licensed marriage and family therapist, author and she recently retired from teaching at Brigham Young University.

Tammy and I discuss why dating your spouse is important, what barriers couples face in regards to dating, and she teaches us 3 simple tips for women to begin dating their spouse again. Side note: You're going to want to get a pen and paper because Tammy is FULL of good advice for all marriages.


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