Episode 48: 5 Habits Successful Women do Everyday

personal revelation removing roadblocks Feb 14, 2022


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Before I begin let me first explain what I mean by success. I am not talking about financial success, which is most often what others think of when they define success. I am talking about how you want to feel at the end of each day. 

I hear so many women say they often feel exhausted from constantly running on a perverbial hamster wheel. At the end of they day they feel like they didn't go anywhere but spent a lot of energy in the process. 

They also feel like they did many things all day but it never made a difference. They checked a bunch off of their to-do list but there's so much more to be done. Or they feel lost on how to help their loved ones and wonder if they are even making a difference.

Can you relate with any of that?

What I would define as a success in those situations is at the end of the day you feel satisfied with the efforts that you gave. You feel a sense of accomplishment in your tasks that you were able to complete and confident knowing you did the right things for those around you.

What a lot of women do when they are faced with the feeling of dissatisfaction, overwhelm and frustration at the end of the day is make a plan to do MORE the next day.  They try to add in as much as they can by jumping back on that hamster wheel in an attempt to go faster hoping they will go somewhere.

It isn’t about what you do in your day that makes you successful, but what you receive.

I really don’t think God sent us here to see if we could rack up points by completing a bunch of tasks and making sure everyone around us is doing perfectly. I believe that we have a greater purpose in living in a fallen world where those feelings of disappointment, frustration and sadness are natural daily occurrences. That purpose is to remember we have a powerful force on our side and we can utilize that force in our daily lives. That force is God. It is His power.

I have come up with 5 habits successful women do on a daily basis to receive that power so that they can effectively do more and feel successful at the end of each day. Or in other words, feel satisfied, accomplished and confident.

I  have also created a handout with these habits so you can print it out and start slowly working on implementing these habits into your day.  These handouts are great for ministering or help with a lesson. 

 #1 Access God’s Power Daily

Successful women make a connection with God everyday to receive His power. Keep in mind, this does not need to be a giant drawn out plan to study and spend hours in the scriptures. I am talking about truly connecting with God in some way to feel His power.

The trick is to do this with the intent to receive something from God not just to get it off your to do list. I call this the difference between a doer and a receiver. Listen for the doer and the receiver in these two examples. 

First example: I wake up late and am in a hurry so I jump out of bed in a rush and forget to say my prayers and read my scriptures. I remember when I am in the car but I am not able to do my normal routine so I don't do it at all. Then I begin to feel the guilt rush in because I wasn’t able to do what I planned and beat myself up for not connecting with God.

Second Example: I wake up late and am in a hurry, I jump out of bed in a rush and forget to say my prayers and read my scriptures. I remember when I am in the car so I say a quick prayer in my heart that I will receive the words that God wants me to receive and I turn on a spiritual podcast to listen to on my way and receive God’s wisdom. 

Did you see the difference between the doer and the receiver?

The doer recognized that they didn’t make the connection with God but only view connecting with God as a formal event and was unable to see how to connect in another way.

The second example is a receiver. The receiver recognized that God wants to connect with us in any way possible and when we make the effort, God will provide.

So in other words, successful women work to Access God's power no matter their circumstances and are flexible in HOW they do that.

#2 Ask God For Help With Their Day

I work with multiple women who faithfully say their prayers everyday and are sincerely asking God for help.  What they are missing though, is asking God for help with the little things in their day. 

Often times women will respond to this with, “but I don’t want to bother God with the little things that I can do on my own.” That is a doer reponse.  The doer sees these daily tasks as their burden to deal with and God is not interested in those. This is putting a limit on the amount of power God has to help. Him helping you does not take from someone else. 

God is very much interested in your day and helping you with even the smallest tasks.

The receiver, in this situation, recognizes that God has infinite power and asking God for help with the little things is what builds the relationship of trust with Him. A successful woman realizes that asking God for help with the little things allows her to get more done in His name.

#3 Align Their Will With God Daily

Successful women seek to understand what God would have them do each day. They are open to not doing what they think “should be done." Here is an example of how a receiver would align their will.

As the receiver looks at her to-do list she sees the things that she feels have to be done that specific day. As she is reading through them one task pops out at her but it seems odd to put as a priority over the others. She recognizes this as a prompting and dives in on the task that seems odd to complete

The doer would tune out that prompting and proceed with her original plan with the thought that she knows better what needs to be done. 

A successful woman knows how to align her will with God daily and can tell when she is being prompted to align her will. She follows those promptings.

#4 Act on Promptings When They Are Received

Promptings come from God. He can see the end from the beginning. He is not prompting you to do certain things in order to destroy your life or mess with you. He knows which actions will benefit you in the long term.

He wants you to succeed. He wants you to feel satisfied, accomplished and confident. You are His creation and His desire is for you to succeed. Acting on the promptings He sends you will ultimately lead to your success. 

#5 Administer to the Natural Man. 

You might be wondering what I mean by the term "administer." Well, administer means "manage." If you notices all the other habits started with an a so I had to think of another a word, naturally. 

If you are not working to manage the natural man, you will feel constant attacks from the enemy left and right.  Making it much more difficult to make the other 4 habits a part of your life. 

Managing the natural man is a necessity in this life and is also what gives us the opportunity to repent. If you haven’t listened to Episode 46 about repentance, go do that and you will know what I mean.

Managing your natural man is all about learning to repent daily. I love what Elder Stevenson taught about administering to the natural man. 

“Command the enemy of your soul by saying: 'Go away! You have no glory. Do not tempt or lie to me! For I know I am a child of God. And I will always call upon my God for His help.'"

The Lord, who knows “the end from the beginning." He knows the unique difficulties of our day. Therefore, He has provided a way for us to resist challenges and temptations. Many of which come as a direct result of the deceitful influences of the adversary and his attacks. 

Managing the natural man is the main goal of my Removing Roadblocks to Revelation Group Coaching Program.  You will learn the specific skills to quiet the chaos in your mind that the natural man creates and fortify yourself from those attacks. Get on the waitlist today!

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