Episode 83: Unexpected Results of Revelation with Darla Trendler

fear personal revelation Jan 02, 2023


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As members of the church we are often encouraged to seek guidance from our Heavenly Parents. However, what we want and think what we need, doesn't always come in the way we are expecting. This can leave us wondering why and how to proceed. It may even make us doubt our original ideas or even ourselves and our ability to receive revelation.

Darla Trendler experienced this very thing as she felt a prompting to run for city counsel. As a busy wife, mom, business owner and podcaster this prompting was not something she took lightly. She had to take a break from her company, Spiritually Minded Women, and really put her efforts and energy into a campaign even though she felt as though she had no idea what she was doing. She did it anyway, and here are some lessons she learned along the way.

Take the First Step

 As Darla sat in the temple pondering on the idea she needed to run for city council she was expecting a clear answer. She sat and waited for promptings from the Holy Ghost with precise guidance. She didn't get the answer she was seeking but what she received instead was a simple encouraging phrase, "just take a step and see what happens."

So she took the first step. She went to the city offices and inquired about the process and where to begin. She gathered the required signatures and started campaigning. Albeit she was scared and felt inadequate she knew she was on the right track. When she became overwhelmed she turned to the scriptures and was met with the story of Nephi as he commanded to build a boat. 

Well Nephi didn’t know how to build a boat before he started but he knew he needed to. So what did he do? He did it step by step and continued to ask for more guidance and knowledge. Even when his brothers mocked him he kept moving forward. He didn't know how it would turn out but he continued to follow the promptings and moving forward until he had built a boat and accomplished what God needed him to. 

Do you have something in your life that you feel prompted to do but aren’t quite sure how to proceed or maybe feel inadequate to actually accomplish it? Follow Nephi’s example and just take the first step. You may not be quite sure what you are to do next or even how to do it. But just start.

God has a Purpose

Often times we feel a prompting to go and do something. Perhaps a business venture, moving, applying for a new job, etc. Those promptings can be so exciting but also scary because of the unknown. What could possibly be the purpose of such promptings if we fail? What would be the purpose of starting a business only to have it fail? Or launch a podcast and have no one listen to it? Why would we have a prompting to apply for a job and end up not getting it? It can feel like a waste of time of energy. 

The point in promptings isn't always the result of our actions but possibly our actions themselves that carry the most purpose. Darla put her heart and soul into running for city council. She did everything she was prompted to do and worked tirelessly to do what she felt was right. She had no doubt in her mind that God wanted her to do this and yet she lost the election. In her words, 

"On election day when I realized I had lost I felt really good because I had done everything that I could do. I think sometimes we don't know God's purposes. His purpose in inspiring me to do that and to help me maybe it wasn't for me to win. It was for Him to teach me some other things and for me to make relationships and learn different things."

 In every aspect of our lives there is a reason for what we are prompted to do. We may not always see it as it happens, or quite possibly while on this earth, but the purpose is there. Our Heavenly Parents in Their perfect knowledge and understanding see what we are meant to do and why.  So follow the promptings you have, let go of your expectations, take the step and see what happens.

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