Episode 77: Receiving Revelation Through Prayer with Hillary Hess

Oct 31, 2022


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It is fairly common for people to feel like personal revelation is only needed when big life altering decisions need to be made. While yes, it is most definitely needed for moments like that, it can also be a huge blessing for our day to day lives. 

Our Heavenly Parents care about ALL aspects of our lives. Not just the big defining moments. They care about the overwhelm of motherhood with kids, homework, carpools, and the endless laundry. Our personal goals, our health, our wishes and dreams. They care about the businesses we run and the jobs we have. They know how much we want to fulfill our callings, volunteer at the school, and serve our neighbors. All of it is important to them and we need Their help.

This is the very reason I created my Seeking Personal Revelation Journal. It is a powerful tool that helps me utilize revelation on a daily basis to help me accomplish more, build a relationship with God and more often see His hand in my life. I recently shared this journal with my friend Hillary Hess and asked her to use it for just thirty days and share her experience with me on the Meaningful Minutes Podcast. Hillary is a wife, mother of seven, and business owner. Needless to say she has a lot on her plate. As she implemented the journal into her spiritual routine she was given powerful experiences.

"Its been really good timing for me, especially personally in my life. With all of these changes going on I feel like I've had an opportunity to get even closer to the Lord." Hillary Hess

On a recent trip Hillary found herself flying without her husband and children so she took her journal along with her. As she sat in the quiet of the plane without anyone next her she began to ponder the things in her life that she needed. As a mother of seven she isn't often alone so this was a perfect moment for her to find peace and quiet.

In that moment the revelation she received brought her to tears. She felt clarity in what she was feeling and hearing. She began to write down her thoughts and repeatedly asked, "Is there more?" Each time she did more and more came to her. She ended up writing "pages of inspiration." She was given answers to prayers, revelation for her son, and inspiration for her business. The counsel given by President Nelson rang true for Hillary that day.

“Write the thoughts that come to your mind. Record your feelings and follow through with actions you are prompted to take. As you repeat this process day after day, month after month, year after year, you will ‘grow into the principle of revelation." Russel M. Nelson

Within the Seeking Personal Revelation Journal there is a place for reflection every seven days. Hillary felt the impact of this portion specifically. One day as she was praying for guidance on how to help her young child she began to feel frustrated that the clarity she was seeking had yet to come.

Hillary opened her journal and followed the prompt to review previous revelation she had been given earlier in the week. As she read her own words from just a week ago she noticed that her prayer had already been answered. God had indeed given her the revelation she was seeking before she even asked Him. 

"Having all of this written down I am seeing it more clearly in my life." - Hillary Hess

 Truly our Heavenly Parents care about all aspects of our lives. We are Their children after all. These moments that Hillary shared with me are exactly what They want for us, always. The power of personal revelation is available at all times and in all things. The revelation we seek from Them isn't always about major life decisions. It is for daily guidance in every part of our lives.


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