Episode 66. Mental Health with Aubrey Grossen of ANYA

mental health Jul 25, 2022


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More often than not personal stories of heartache and triumph are a source of encouragement for others. This is most certainly the case with Aubrey Grossen. She is a wife, mom of four, and creator of a mental health organization called A New You Again, aptly referred to as ANYA. She started to build a community for women after suffering from her own mental health crisis that followed the birth of her first child and it grew into a company that offers mental health resources and a safe place for women to connect with other women like themselves.

 As Aubrey began her journey into motherhood she found herself feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, and so extremely sad that dark thoughts began to consume her mind. It all culminated into a moment of pure despair and hopelessness when she felt the only way it could end was to no longer live. Then, as she looked up at a picture of the Savior, she knew she was going to survive. This moment put her on a path to better mental and spiritual health.

As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor I work with people every single day who's mental health has become so critical they feel that same hopelessness and suicidal thoughts that Aubrey did. Many people are finding themselves in that mental state and are in need of tools to help them heal. As I listened to her story I found three specific tools she utilized that I feel are beneficial for people who are struggling with mental health.

Seek a Higher Power

When Aubrey found herself in the depths of despair her eyes found the painting of Jesus Christ that was hanging in her home. She was reminded of the power of the atonement. She felt great comfort in simply remembering that He had felt what she was feeling in that very moment. What she already knew about the Savior and His atoning sacrifice gave her the courage and the strength to seek the help she needed to survive.

Our personal relationship with a higher power, like Aubrey feels with Jesus Christ, can give us a sense of our worth. In my coaching classes I work with women who come from all walks of life but there is one thing that is common among them all. When they are able to tap into their true divine self they are more capable of handling difficulties in their life. When we see ourselves as eternal beings with a grand purpose beyond this mortal existence we are given strength beyond our own.

This concept is what I teach in my Removing Roadblocks to Revelation Group Coaching Program. I teach women in a virtual group setting to remove mental roadblocks to God's peace inspiration and endurance without an internal battle. Removing those roadblocks opens the door to communication between you and the Godhead. Allowing you to more fully connect with the Savior and receive the guidance you need to improve your spiritual and mental health.

Consult with a Professional

When someone has a physical ailment or are concerned with their physical health they see a physician. They go to a source that can help them heal. Whether that be physical therapy, medications, or any other form of treatment that a medical doctor would recommend. They then follow that advice and are able to continue on with their normal life.

The same goes for our mental health. We should consult with someone who has necessary training to give us the treatment we need to heal and continue on with our life. There are many therapeutic modalities we can turn to for treatment. There are types of treatment that work for some people that may not work for others but it is imperative that we continue to seek professional help even if we need to try a few different modalities until we find what works for us. 

 Connect with Others 

Depression and anxiety, like Audrey suffered with, will often convince people that they will be judged and deemed "crazy" or unfit if they share the reality of their situation with others. Even with their closest loved one who they trust the very most it can scary and overwhelming to share. Thus making them feel that isolation is the answer. Unfortunately, isolation is never the right answer for those struggling with mental health. 

When Aubrey realized that sharing her trials with her husband, family, and close friends was helping her she began to open up even more. After she was able to heal she found herself wanting to connect with other women who also suffered. She hoped to create a space for women to feel safe and find the help they needed as they struggled. A place where people could share how hard it is to deal with mental health without facing judgement. A place they of safety, refuge, and connection.

There are many people who are suffering from depression and anxiety with a multitude of reasons why. Sometimes it is trauma, chemical imbalances, hormonal imbalances, and sometimes it just is. There doesn't always have to be an explanation as to why but there does need to be healing. There does need to be a connection. A connection to a higher power, a professional, and to others who offer understanding, compassion, and a healing love.




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