Episode 51: Why Taking a Break Might be Your Answer, With Guest Amber Brueseke

divine worth personal revelation Mar 14, 2022

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I have taught on many occasions how important it is for us to be receivers of the gospel and not just doers. The reason being, is that is it easy to get caught up in the idea that we must DO more to BE more. Many women often feel the need to have huge task lists and perfectly complete every single item on the list in order to find value in themselves. That is simply false.  As my friend Amber Brueseke teaches,

 "Sometimes more is just more. Sometimes the solution is just less. That is going to get you further in life than just adding more.” 

Let's dive deeper into that idea. I invited Amber to come on my podcast this week and discuss why she believes that taking a break can often times be exactly what you need. We also discuss how important it is to value your own divine worth and how doing so can impact everything you want to accomplish.

Now listen, if you step back and look at Amber's life you probably aren't going to think that she is a person who often takes breaks.  After all, she is business coach, health and fitness coach, hosts her own podcast, runs her company, and to top it off, she is a mom of four. So let's look into how she makes it all work and how breaks can be a crucial part of the path to success.

Taking a break opens a space for us to reimagine what it could be.

Yes, doing is beneficial and absolutely helps us accomplish our dreams. However, often times the doing is like running on a hamster wheel. We go and go but never actually get anywhere. Every day jumping on the same wheel with hopes of getting closer to realizing our dreams. Then ending every day in the same place.

When we take a break and let our mind and body rest we are able to determine what we need to do to move forward, to gain ground, to receive more.  It gives us a moment to ask ourselves what tasks can we remove to leave space for what God wants us to be doing.


Our identity as a daughter of God gives us extra strength to achieve our goals.

Our brain like to segment different aspects of our lives. As though our home life, business life, and spiritual life are all separate. However, they all bleed into each other. Specifically our spiritual life. We are spiritual beings 100% of the time. That never goes away. It is at the very essence of who we are.

"Our Heavenly Parents want to give us the things we want." ~Amber

Recognizing exactly who we are as a spiritual being and understanding our divinity as a daughter of Heavenly Parents will make us more powerful in every area of our lives. That power will help us be more successful in our home, business, fitness goals or any other area in which we desire to improve. 


 Holding on tight and trying to control everything is keeping us small.

Let's not be monkeys. You see, in India they catch a monkey simply by putting a banana in jar. Once the monkey gets a hold of the banana they will not let go, no matter what. Inevitably leading to their capture. 

Are you fixated on a preverbal banana? Are you set on what you think your life should look like that you are trying to control every single part of it? When we do that we miss  the opportunity to have our Heavenly Parent's give us what they have in store for us. 

They created us with talents and desires specific to who we are. We have a great purpose much bigger than we could possibly imagine.  Our natural man will try to convince us that we know better or that we simply cannot achieve what we want to. He will tell us that we are not good enough, strong enough, that you are simply not enough.

Allowing our Heavenly Parents to lead us overpower the natural man allowing us to grow and succeed. You will be amazed at what can happen in your life if you align yourself with Their will. They will give you the space and opportunity to be bigger than you yourself could have ever imagined.

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