Episode 124: Try This…Skip That… Scripture Study Edition

Oct 16, 2023


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I know just how powerful the words of God can be in my life. Elder Bednar said, “We abide in Him by truly feasting upon the words of Christ. The Savior’s doctrine draws us, as children of the covenant, closer to Him and will tell us all things what we should”. There is power when it comes to the scriptures but unfortunately I see women struggling when it comes to personal scripture study. There are certain thoughts that you are having that are keeping you from feasting on the words of Christ. So let’s talk about those thoughts you can skip and see which ones you can try instead. 

The first thing to skip when it comes to scripture study is having a specific plan. When it comes to scripture study, the first thing I see women try to come up with when they want to read the scriptures more is a very detailed plan of what, where, when and how. They feel they need to read some arbitrary amount of pages or chapters a day or for a specific amount of time. Many also think they need to plan to study everything that is available, make sure they do all the Come Follow Me, read every conference talk, be in The Book of Mormon, or read everything in the Liahona and the list goes on. How is it possible to read and study everything? It isn’t!

The problem with having a specific plan is that it doesn’t allow for flexibility. In a perfect world a plan like that might work. Also, on a day where you have the prescribed amount of time it might even work. However, life doesn’t give us perfect days everyday.

Often when you are coming up with this plan you are creating the plan out of a place of lack or a place of not feeling like you're good enough or doing enough. I am here to tell you that creating the perfect specific plan will never allow you to feel good enough. It’s not the specific plan that helps you feel good enough. It’s about a connection with God.

So let’s skip creating a specific plan for scripture study and instead create a flexible plan. I like to have ways to connect with God no matter the amount of time I have that day. I like to have OPTIONS when it comes to my time with God. Because what really matters is that we are with Christ doing something. That we are remembering Him in all things. In the sacrament it prayer doesn't say that you will promise to DO ALL THE THINGS. It says remember Him always or in other words, remember Him in ALL THE THINGS. Having a plan that allows for flexibility and connection no matter what will allow you to make that important connection with God. I love this quote from Elder Camargo that sums up what I am trying to say. He said,

“There is no prescribed formula for perfect scripture study. It could be 5 or 10 minutes each day—or more if you can. It could be a chapter or a few verses a day. Some families prefer to study in the morning before they leave for school or work. Others prefer to read at night before bed. Some young couples have told me that they study individually on the way to work and then share insights with each other via text so their comments and discussions are recorded.” 

The second thing to skip when it comes to scripture study is doing nothing if you can’t be perfect. Now this kind of ties into the last one with having a specific plan. What makes a specific plan so detrimental is the idea that if you can’t do it perfectly, don’t do it at all! The natural man inside of you will always default you to an all or nothing thought process. Many women say, “if I can’t do it perfectly there is no point in doing it at all because it won’t make a difference”. Then guess where that eventually leads you? Into never connecting with God because there is NEVER a perfect day that allows you to do all the things. Even if the perfect day arises, the natural man will convince you that since you haven’t been doing anything you need to catch up on the past weeks or months worth of stuff you skipped. That seems too overwhelming so in fact I guess today isn’t a perfect day after all. Then there’s that defaulting to nothing again right? Can you relate?

Well if you can then let’s try this instead. Try doing something small and simple each day to connect with God. because remember what Helaman was told in Alma 37:6  it reads,

“Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise. And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about his great and eternal purposes; and by very small means."

Your scripture study will become miraculous by small and simple efforts, not in the perfect execution of it. So let’s skip trying to be perfect with your scripture study and instead try to do something small and simple each day to stay connected with the Lord. Just like Elder Camargo taught it will look differently based on your circumstances.

Maybe one day it is listening to a conference talk on the way to work. One day it might look like sitting down for 30 minutes and diving into the scriptures. Then on another day it might look like thinking about a specific scripture throughout the day as you get all those tasks off your to-do list. Whatever seems simplest for you to do that day for scripture study, do that! Do something! Skip trying to be perfect. 

For our last idea, stop comparing yourself to what others are doing when it comes to scripture study. I know other people have great ideas on what works for scripture study and those ideas sound great. The problem is when you hear an idea, what I often hear people say is, “I should be doing that.” Have you heard yourself say that?

Many women like you feel they need to go read The Book of Mormon in 90 days because they feel guilt about not doing it at all. You compare what they are doing to what you AREN’T doing. That never helps the Spirit guide you. In fact, it will enact the natural man inside of you to start telling you about all the negative things in your life and how you will never measure up. That’s not a great place to start a new goal from.

So now you are going to skip comparing what others are doing to what you’re not doing and instead find what works for you in your stage of life. When you hear an idea that sounds good simply pray and ask God how to tweak that and make it work in your life. For example, if the prophet asks you to read The Book of Mormon in 90 days, instead of feeling guilt about how you will fit that in, ask how you can be flexible with that and make it work in your life. God will open up miracles and show you HOW to make it work. Don’t think you have to do something exactly how another person is doing it. 

There you have 3 new ways to approach scripture study so you can feel God’s power in your life. If you know someone who might also like this episode and find benefit in it, would you mind sharing this episode with them as well? That might help them feel God’s power in their life too. 

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