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To the therapist that is feeling the Monday dreads, circling the drain of career burnout and is dripping in imposter syndrome


Join us for 14 CEU’s and

Learn sustainable self-care strategies to feel

Calm, Energized and Confident

Without feeling guilty for taking time for yourself

Learn an I-System Model and Mind-Body Bridging ® Application to Fortify Yourself with sustainable self-care strategies for 7-weeks and feel calm, energized and confident in your life and career.

Maria LCSW

I am so thankful for this course it made a tremendous impact in my life. I am more patient, I find pleasure in more things, and I have been sleeping throughout the whole night without interruptions.

Codie LCSW

I now spend less time dwelling on the bad parts of my day when I go to bed at night. Because I have already dealt with the triggering stress and moved on.
My outlook on many things has become more positive.

Marilyn LCSW

I stepped away from being a therapist a few years ago due to my thoughts about myself. This class helped me challenge those thoughts and recognize they do not define me.

Listen, taking care of yourself first is hard though!


But with a two year pandemic and mental health worsening over that course of time, the demands on therapists are increasing causing even more strain on an already strained profession


Not to mention, therapists are also experiencing the same work changes, uncertainty with the future and trauma of world events that their clients are experiencing.

Even before the pandemic, a  2018 research review paper published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology showed high rates of burnout: 78% of psychotherapists had scores equivalent to high levels of burnout and 16.1% screened positive for Major Depression.

Most women think that in order to receive confidence, inspiration and endurance in mothering and deal with their internal battles they need to come up with a big plan to do more and execute it perfectly.


The truth is, the real culprit is the natural man. 


The real reason you are not able to:

✔️Stay focused to hear him,

✔️Know god’s direction at all times,

✔️Have strength physically and mentally to do His will,

✔️Overcome that lack of motivation that guilt brings



We all have a natural man inside of us. It is supposed to be there. The natural man is the opposition that was placed inside of you at the fall of Adam and Eve.YOU are not broken because you have the natural man, God placed it inside of you. It’s purpose is to allow you to have agency to choose God. Without it, you would not know good and evil.

 The truth is, If something isn’t done to help therapists, the already strained profession will find a major shortage in a short period of time. 


Therapists are experiencing:

       Compassion fatigue

Imposter syndrome

Loss of enjoyment of life and career

No time or energy for meaningful relationships hobbies or self-care strategies that make a difference.


Which can lead to losing sight of purpose, questioning careers or eventually burning out and quitting the profession. 

Can you relate?

The solution is sustainable self-care. 

But the goal isn’t to try to get rid of the natural man (that won’t happen in this life).

It is to get to know HOW YOUR natural man is working against YOU.


Elder Bednar said that,

 “Understanding the intent of an enemy is vital to effective preparation for possible attacks.”


Well guess who is your enemy? That’s right, the Natural man is an enemy to God.


D&C 38:30-31 says:

"if ye are prepared ye shall not fear. that ye might escape the power of the ​​​enemy​."


If you don’t learn how to understand and work with your natural man then you run the risk of being deceived and lose the opportunity to let Christ help you help your loved ones.


If you try to execute a big plan perfectly while in the natural man state you will just make things worse because you will amplify your overwhelm and guilt and sink your energy.


Trying to mother from the Natural Man state is like driving a manual car in first gear going 60 MPH. YOU ARE BURNING OUT YOUR ENGINE. It’s not the most efficient way to mother.

Sustainable self-care is the most effective way for YOU as a mental health professional to become fortified. 

So you can:

  • Integrate tools to instinctively work with clients

  • Employ strategies to have more time and energy

  • Develop skills to enjoy your life and career

When YOU as a mental health professional DON'T use sustainable self-care strategies, you run the risk of having:


The Monday dreads of going to work

Feeling emotionally and physically taxed

Feeling like a failed therapist 

Questioning your ability to even help

When YOU as a mental health professional...


Are aware of your specific needs for self-care

 Have a sustainable self-care plan

Are practicing sustainable self-care strategies


THEN you are fortified against burnout 

And in this 7 week training you are going to learn how to do just that!

So you can feel that internal calm, energy and confidence as a therapist that you deserve

See what's waiting for you each week...

Here's a quick rundown of how the program will work

▶︎ A LIVE virtual class will be taught each week for 7 weeks beginning October 5, 2022 @ 12:00 MST for one hour over ZOOM


▶︎ There will be an additional one hour of homework each week to implement the tools and learning into your daily life


▶︎ Each class will be recorded if you can’t attend live and you can watch at your convenience


▶︎ You will have until November 30, 2022 to complete all the videos and implementation of the tools to receive the 14 hours of  CEU’s

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