Episode 94. Revelation Meditation Transformations

energy hear him meditation personal revelation Apr 24, 2023


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When I began this journey to implement meditation into my spiritual routine I expected to receive some revelation because I know that God is always wanting to speak to us and will do so whenever we listen. However, the revelations and insights that I received have been transformational. I have found more time to accomplish what I need to, more energy to keep going long after I normally would, and have been helped in knowing exactly where to focus my time. When this happened I knew I needed to share it with other women. So I did.

I recently asked some women to complete my Clarity in the Chaos Course. They took on the challenge and the results they had were so powerful that I want you to hear them too. I asked three of them to sit down with me and share their experiences of using the revelations meditations to get more time, energy and help in their lives.


One thing I always hope for people is that they find something that lights them up. For Tiffani, it is helping women with their health through nutrition and fitness coaching. She is also a mom of four young kids and lives on the east coast. Tiffani was looking to be more intentional with her daily connection with God. The revelation meditations were exactly what she needed. She shared,

"These meditations have given me a deeper way to find time to connect with the Godhead daily. I have felt more peace and calm within myself. I feel it has helped me live a higher and holier way as President Nelson has asked."

This connection was really important for Tiffani but she did face a roadblock in the beginning. She still has two little children at home during the day while the other two go to school so it was difficult to find a time where it would be quiet in her home. Turns out, nap time was the key. Each day as she put her younger two down for a nap she found it helpful to sit where she could see her favorite picture of the Savior. The timing of her meditation also turned out to be perfect as the peace and clarity she felt each time prepared her to handle her busiest time of day when her kids return home from school. Truly God was aware of not only what she needed to hear, but WHEN she needed to hear Him.


When I needed a design for my prayer journal I was fortunate that someone who lived so close to me had all the talent I was looking for. Loni is a graphic designer and illustrator, mom of four kids, and recently launched a puzzle business. As one would guess she does not have a lot of time on her hands so adding one more thing to her routine wasn't going to be easy but her results were worth it. She strives to be a morning person so she committed to start each day with a meditation even when she felt it was too much. 

"Instead of spending my morning going over all the little tasks I need to complete throughout the day, it really recentered my focus on big picture thinking and what really matters. Committing to doing one of these meditations in the morning gives me so much for my whole day. I’m committing to taking a moment to rest my brain to ponder, relax and connect with the spirit.  They help me fit in all of those things for a few moments everyday."

Each of us have responsibilities, time constraints and deadlines to meet but Loni didn't let that stop her. Her experience is a testament to me that when we take time out of our day to connect with the Savior and "truly hear Him" as President Nelson has encouraged us to do, we will find more clarity and energy to be more productive. This leaves us with more time in our lives for what is the most important to us.


I have spoken with Erin many times in the past and in fact she joined me on my podcast last fall. She is the mom of three teen girls and also owns a business where she helps women discover the best style for them to learn and how to apply that to get the most out of their scripture studies. She is one who loves to connect with God daily and adding meditations to her personal studies was exactly what she needed. Specifically for her business. As she found herself in a time crunch with a pending deadline she used the meditations to seek guidance with her tasks.

"This meditation helped me find clarity in my next steps and helped me diffuse some anxiousness I was feeling about a pressing deadline so I could just get it done." 

Each of the 20 meditations contain prompts for you to ponder on and when Erin heard the prompts she was able to clearly understand what God wanted her to do in each situation. One of the things she did to help her remember exactly what actions she needed to take was to write. As she meditated she kept her journal with her and would stop to write down each time she was given revelation. This allowed her to not only remember more of her promptings but to also receive more as she was able to record her thoughts in the moment and move on to the next prompting without the worry of forgetting what God had told her to do.  

These experience are a great example to me that God is aware of every part of our lives. Not just our callings or our personal spiritual growth. He is aware of what we need to hear from Him to be successful in all the areas of our lives. Truly God wants us to hear Him and understand what He has in store for us. He tells us through personal revelation exactly who we are and what we can accomplish with Him. You too can have experiences like these women have shared. The Clarity in the Chaos Course is a tool to help you take time to calm the chaos in your mind and truly hear what God is saying to you. 

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