Episode 25. 5 Ways to Build Trust in God

holy ghost revelation trust Aug 09, 2021


Do you ever hear some phrases so much in the church sometimes that you don’t even really think about what they mean? Like we just say them because they sound nice or we just aren’t sure what to say so we just repeat these statements.

Those are the kinds of sayings I love to dive into and really understand because there has to be more to them.There has to be practical application right? I want to know the steps. I want to know what it looks like to do them day to day. Not just say them and believe them but live them. Become them!

Trust in the Lord

Well the phrase I want to tackle today is trust in the Lord. You know what? When someone is going through something really hard, telling them to “trust in the Lord” can really be irritating. They are trusting in the Lord but what they want isn’t happening. 

What they desire is being crushed. Trust in the Lord is hard! Especially when our righteous expectations are not met or when we so badly want that peace that the Lord can give us when we are in the storms of life but we cannot feel it yet.

Trust is hard because it involves trusting in His timing and requires patience and endurance to deal with trials that come our way


Let’s dive into that word trust for a second so hopefully we can understand what it means on a level of becoming it not just believing it. Let’s just start with the dictionary. The dictionary says Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

OK so this is telling us that we need to believe that we can rely on the ability of God right. So you have probably heard of The brother of Jared right? He was the guy who got all the plans to build these barges to sail across the ocean. God provided everything they needed to build these barges well except light, but that’s a story for another day.

I think Elder Budge describes  the Jaredites trust very well. 

He said, “The Jaredites did not get into the barges because they knew exactly how things would work on their journey. They got aboard because they had learned to trust in the Lord’s power, goodness, and mercy, and they were therefore willing to surrender themselves and any doubts or fears they may have had to the Lord...Trusting God may not always feel safe at first, but joy follows.” 

The Jaredites got on those barges because they had worked on their relationship with God daily for probably years while they built those barges.

Trust comes from relying on God every single day. Relying on God even when we thing we have it figured out.

Practical Application

So what does that look like right? Remember I am a practical application girl. I want to know what that looks like, so I came up with 5 things you can do build trust in God everyday.

They are all relationship building tools that you can use in any relationship to build trust.

1. Imagine God next to you as you pray 

Sometimes I imagine Christ is there. Sometimes I imagine my Heavenly Parents are there. Sometimes I imagine the holy ghost there ready and willing to be my messenger. 

When I imagine them there I don’t do all the talking; I also listen and wait for a response.

This is a great way to build your relationship with God and feel close.

2. Start asking God for the little things you need help with in your day.

Don’t just pray for the big things. When I ask God for big things I can’t see the results of those blessings everyday because the results come over time. So then I start to get discouraged with what I am asking and thinking God is not answering my prayers.

Instead I think about my day and what God could provide me with for that day and I ask. Then I can see God’s hand in my day and feel God’s power. 

3. Notice God’s hand in your day

Gratitude really. 

But as you can see with the last example, that gratitude is not just looking for good things in your life. This type of trust building gratitude is looking for the ways you saw God in your life that day. This takes practice and dedication but had immensely built my relationship with God.

4. Act on promptings you are given

He cannot give you what you don’t act on. As you act on promptings given even when you feel uncomfortable or are unsure why you are prompted you will see God’s power in your life. When we act is when God can provide. God cannot help what we don’t start.

If we start and God provided then we see God there with us and we rely more on God.

5. Seek out questions as you study 

If you are not studying with the intent of God answering something for you then you are just reading. As you study for a specific answer, write down your thoughts as you study. You will see that He guides you when you actively seek.


Alright now all 5 of those are a lot so just pick one that stood out to you and run with it. 

I will have all 5 of these written out in a handout for you as well so you can keep working on them. Just click here to download.

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